What are the best jobs for every possible big five test result?

The big five personality test has been classified under the five categories, Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism. Based on the various personality traits and your score in that personality, you can have various career opportunities.

Openness to Experience: Openness is like a breath of fresh air in your life. It brings the feeling of positivity and acceptance in your life. Such capability warms you up and makes you more adaptive. It helps you create a good atmosphere, making it easier to understand others’ needs.

For career growth, you need to implement new ideas once in a while and be ready to adapt to changes that may come.

If you score high in openness, you may opt following as your career: Artist, Pilot, Graphic Designer, Philosopher, or Traveler Publicist.

If you are a low scorer, you may go for Banker, Professor, Financial Analyst, Auditor, Accountant, or Real Estate Agent.

Conscientiousness: People who have a conscientious personality work hard and know how to handle challenges. They readily take up the responsibilities thrown their way.

People with a high score in Conscientiousness tend to have various career options like Freelance writer, Marketing Consultant, Doctor, Manager, or Teacher.

You can further explore these options when you know your score. One should always try to maintain at least an average score in this trait for growth. And if you try to maintain a higher score, you can achieve big in life.

Extraversion: extroverts perform tremendously well in jobs that require a lot of interaction and leadership qualities.

Jobs like public relations, teaching, marketing, sales, politics, performing arts(acting, dancing, singing), etc. might be the right fit for them.

Introverts do well in jobs that require less interaction with others. Some jobs with minimum interaction are a Researcher, Accountant, Editor, Software Engineer, etc.

These are just general indicators. Based on an analysis of personalities and some other factors. No one should limit themselves to the professions listed under their personality type. After all, hard work, dedication, and grit go a long way in deciding what you can be.

Agreeableness: You are best suited to work in a social setting if you have a high agreeableness score. Professions such as teaching, counseling, etc. are ideal as they involve teamwork and interacting with others. A philanthropic profession is also a great choice. A desire to make the world better can be a great motivation to work hard and bring change.

A person with a low agreeableness score is best suited to a more analytical, individualistic profession (not to mean there will not be any teamwork or peer interactions) such as financial advisors, accountants, scientists, doctors, programmers, and other similar roles.

Neuroticism: If you are a person with Low Neuroticism, then undoubtedly you can consider the following jobs: Social worker or Psychiatric nurse
If you score high on Neuroticism, you can work well as a Librarians or writers, and Authors.

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