What are the biggest problems freelancers and their clients have when working with each other?

Trust issues !

A client doesn’t want to pay a freelancer with who he has never worked with.

A freelancer doesn’t work with a client, because he thinks “The client will run away with his work and won’t pay him”.

This issue often arises for new employers and new freelancers.

Here are some tips for new freelancers to win the trust of their clients:


If you are new and working for the first time: You have no option. No body wants to hire new freelancers. Why? Because new freelancers don’t know exactly what the work flow will be like. And this will ruin the employer’s time.

[Everyday, I get queries like “In which format should I provide the project?” , “How can I accept the payment?” etc. ]

So, don’t ask these questions to your client. Do a bit research about the platform in which you are working with before you start taking projects.

Tip: Build a genuine portfolio before you start working as a freelancer. If you don’t have one. This is the first thing you must do. And the portfolio should be in your name. If you are a packaging designer, you can make portfolios using Instagram and YouTube. And provide samples.

Sometimes, you have to provide work first, and get paid later if you are new. Don’t show your ego and attitude in front of a client (As most of the new freelancers do).

It’s always hard to get the first project. If you get an opportunity, don’t miss it. Do whatever you can do, but grab it.

Every freelancer learns a lot from his first project. Don’t miss even if you have to work for free.


If you have some experience (Have already done 2–3 projects) : Show your portfolio and ask the client about the project details directly, before he moves to someone else.

Negotiate the fees and ask for a upfront. If he is not willing to pay an upfront, that’s okay.

Make a deal like this: “Sir, can I give you a sample for your project?”

Once he says yes and you provide the sample work for his project, ask for 20–50% upfront.


If you are a bit experienced: I have nothing to say. Because after completing 10 projects, most freelancers know how to deal with clients and how to build trust.

Still, you must be ready with your portfolio, professional presence etc.

But, if the client is hiring freelancers for the first time, normally he won’t trust you. So, it’s better to call them on Skype and discuss the project and share your plans for his project to build trust. Then ask for the upfront.

As far as the experienced clients are concerned, they can smell the experienced freelancers from miles. So, you don’t have to worry about.


Thanks for readings. Hope it helps.

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