What are the career options after an MA in English?

Armed with a Masters in English, you can literally become a world-beater. Being the lingua-franca as well as the language of the Internet, English language can catapult you into prominence, power and leadership. A Masters in English is thus a sure passport to professional success.

Various factors decide what one does after a post graduation in English.

Provided you are passionate about language and literature and dream to lead a life wedded to the world of letters, a teaching career would be a wonderful choice. English teachers are always in demand and despite the large number of qualified people, quality English teachers are always much sought after.

If you want to become a college lecturer, the best way to go forward would be to clear the UGC NET (Natonal Eligibility Test) Examination. It is never easy to clear the NET, but if you have the determination and knowledge, you can get through in a few attempts.

For other teaching jobs, securing a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) degree would be ideal.

If writing is your forte and passion, then becoming a journalist or a freelancer would be enchanting.

Of course, a post graduate degree is an added advantage when you apply for various unrelated government jobs as well, but I believe that most people who complete a Masters Degree in English would be serious and enthusiastic about what they have done, and would prefer a career where they can put their knowledge and scholarship to use.

Pursuing research would be yet another option. If you are research-oriented and driven, apply for an M.Phil or PhD.

Creating and delivering MOOC courses online could be another viable option for a post-graduate in English.

A job in the publishing industry is yet another option for someone armed with a Masters in English.

A world of opportunities awaits you!

All the best!

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