What do small business owners struggle with the most when it comes to growing their business?

There are many reason why most business are moving round the circle but i will concentrate on one fundamental reason which i have observed over the years. The need for an accounatnt


Why do you need Accountant?

First of all, why do you need an Accountant in the first place? My experience has shown that most small scale business owners do NOT see the need for an Accountant.

They seek for Accountant when serious issues arises like State and Federal tax authorities are on their heels or they need a major contract that need an audited Account as a perquisite to tender for the contract and as such they cram to find whoever will help them.

You really need one? Do you know why?

Most business owner wants to grow their business (Which is very good) and they involve in the day to day activities of their business, however in doing so their financial activities for personal and business are MIXED TOGETHER.

Their financial data, document and records are disorganised and disjointed and this gives HEADACHE to business owners because they don’t know if they are profiting or losing. Ask a business owner; what was your Gross profit and Net profit in the half year of 2018?


However why do you think a FREELANCE ACCOUNTANT will suit you more that an employed Accountant.

? Keeping track of your day-to-day financials—not to mention the big picture of your business’s financial health—is crucial, whether you’re a start-up, another small business owner, or a large corporation. But when you’re on the smaller side or just getting started—instances where every money counts and time is money—the often time-consuming responsibilities of accounting and bookkeeping often fall on the already full plates of business owners.

? If you’ve always handled this type of work yourself, a freelance accountant can step in and handle many of the financial aspects of the business, which immediately frees you up to focus on the daily operation of your business.

? You need a competent Accountant who will handle your finance and report. An accountant is not a bookkeeper but an adviser. His job is to interpret, interpolate and analyse your financial operation and always provide advise to you on a periodical basis. The cost of hiring an Accountant may not be necessary for a start-up. A freelancer steps in at a reasonable and affordable fee.

? The cost of fraud is not limited to the amount the fraudster has taken from your business – it also includes the time spent uncovering the fraud and proving who committed it – time better spent on growing your business. And of course there are likely to be Professional/Statutory payment/legal fees. So it pays to do as much as you can to prevent your business being defrauded. Regardless of size, all organizations are vulnerable to workplace fraud. However the perception inherent in your staff that an INDEPENDENT AND FREELANCE ACCOUNTANT will check their financial transactions and activities KEEPS YOUR STAFF ON CHECK.

Hiring a freelance accounting professional to handle your budget, planning, internal audit, bookkeeping, month-end close, investigation into suspicious transactions before it goes out of hand or any other accounting work can be invaluable—but how much does it cost to hire a freelance accountant?



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