What do you think about Danny Margulies’ freelancing course? Has anyone taken it?

10 months ago, I discovered online freelancing on Upwork. I thought if I was successful with this, I could take my work anywhere with me and live abroad, which was my vague dream graduating college. The first month and a half was submitting endless proposals to job listings and being rejected to every single one of them. I was devouring all the information I could on how to be a successful online freelancer. Reading random blogs, trying out the tips from Upwork. Using other successful freelancer’s templates for profiles and proposals. Nothing I did was working. It sucked.

In one of the blogs, I stumbled onto Danny’s course. I’ll be honest, I thought it was another internet scam. Danny Margulies seemed too good to be true and so did his course. This person, having no prior copywriting experience making over 100k a year from online freelancing? He’s charging people for information while there’s other free resources available? Yeah right buddy.

I signed up for his free emailing list out of curiosity. Already, I discovered concepts that made so much sense yet I would never think to implement. One of the emails prompted a response, and I responded for kicks. Danny actually responded back. We went back and forth to address all the questions I had. I thought “wow, this guy cares about the success of his students and believes in his course.”

With a mix of desperation, curiosity, and some trust in Danny, I was sold into his course.

His course turned out to be exactly what I needed. It made me rethink my freelancing business from the ground up. He gets down into the nitty-gritty like diving into the psychology of what your profile and proposals really mean to clients. His principles do work; however, you need to put in the effort for it to work.

I more than doubled my rate since I started freelancing and having consistent work week to week. I can say with full confidence that it’s only getting better from here on out. I get to do the work I enjoy while getting paid good money for it. I’m saving up money and building my client base so I can live/work abroad. If I told myself this a year ago, there’s no way I would believe it.

So yes, the course does work. All of those testimonials on his page are of real people with real results. I have chatted with a good number of them about their freelancing experiences.

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