What is one advice that you would like to give to unemployed youth of India?

When we graduated, most of us landed with jobs. Some immediately, some after a couple of months/years. Some switched their paths for securing a job. There were a few who didn’t get a professional break.

We got a chance to meet up while attending a college mate’s family function and got down to talking. While we cribbed about our work set-up, the ones who were still job hunting chided us, telling us that we don’t understand their struggle. In this discussion, one guy was enjoying himself thoroughly! He kept adding quips from both sides. When asked about his scene, he replied “the struggle is on.” Just a relaxed declaration.

Others asked him as to how could he be nonchalant about his situation? Didn’t he feel stressed and worry about his future?

He replied, “My journey is taking slightly longer than yours. That doesn’t mean that I won’t reach my goals. I am strengthening myself along the way. I am picking up pace everyday. I’ll reach where I want to be because I won’t stop walking.”

We sat gazing at him. Wordlessly admiring his faith in himself.

That’s the crucial ingredient that is a must for all the job seekers. Develop a mindset which reinforces the idea that what you view as unemployment is just a delay in entering the professional sphere. Stay positive. Meanwhile, keep honing your skills. Better yourself as an individual and as a prospective employee.

  • Register yourself on job portals. These are easily accessible and make you more visible in the job arena.
  • Cultivate a network. Meet people who can direct you to openings. Don’t exhort, just present yourself as a suitable candidate.
  • Use the interim time to learn new skills. Every addition to your CV strengthens it.
  • Don’t reject offers if they don’t quite agree with what you have in mind. Unless it’s totally unacceptable, there’s no harm in taking up temporary jobs, particularly related to your field of expertise. They can provide you with valuable experience and who knows, the temporary position just might become permanent!
  • Consider freelancing options. That’s another avenue to exhibit your skills and strengths.
  • Keep abreast of latest developments. Be it related to your field or general issues. Be informed.
  • Take time to prepare a proper resume. Seek help if required. Showcase your skills. Sell yourself as the best candidate for the job.
  • Treat interviews with a mix of lightness and gravity. Be cool with the outcome. But be serious about your commitment and efforts.
  • Keep yourself busy. Don’t treat your lack of employment as a phase where you have “nothing to do.” There’s always something that can be done. Stick to a daily timetable of routine chores. Keep adding newer elements whenever possible. This will help you stay motivated.
  • Keep in touch with your friends. Be around your family. Don’t get bogged down by the feeling that you need to be alone to sort out your future. Being with loved ones can give a big boost to your efforts.
  • Lastly, don’t get disheartened if the desired results don’t come through. It’s just that your journey is along a different route and taking longer than others. That’s all.

Have faith in yourself. All the best 🙂

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