What is the admission procedure under MP quota in Kendriya Vidyalaya?

I think I can answer this question as I recently admitted my daughter for class 6 in Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV) at Pondicherry. The first time I approached KV was for her 1st Std. admission and I was unsuccessful as I was not clear about the application process and available quota options. Therefore I had to admitted my child in one of the so called best private CBSE schools in Pondicherry where she studied there for eight years (including pre-montessori, montessori 1 and montessori 2) until class 5. Though I do not have major complaints about the private school (in fact my daughter enjoyed her schooling) I found the quality of education was not that great and English as a spoken language was not in practice in the campus for the exorbitant amount as fees collected. And like any other private schools the wards were not allowed to sit in the class or take periodic tests until the entire term fees were paid and this is really annoying. My child has experienced this in some occasions.

That was the time I strongly decided to get my child admitted in the KV, but I was sure I was not going to win the competition through online application and lottery procedure as I know that there may be only few vacancies available and that already central govt employees (or based on priority) must be waiting to grab the seats to admit their wards. Adding to the thrill the school in their website http://kvno1jipmer.nic.in/classi... had announced “No Vacancy from class II and above” for the seventh year (2019-20) in row.

The only way in which I could get a seat in KV was “Admission Under MP Quota”. but the new challenge was that the General Elections were nearing and that I will know who my MP of my constituency is only after election results are announced and the MP’s swearing-in ceremony is done. Therefore I had to wait until the MP’s quota for KV is released. (Please note that the Loksabha MP can recommend to someone who is living within the respective MP’s constituency whereas the Rajasabha MP can recommend for KV in any constituency in a State that the MP represents).

The process required a lot of patience and constant follow-up. All children were attending some schools, but my child was at home, if I send her to her last school, they will keep asking the fees (which is a huge money you will know), and I could not get TC for my child as by chance if I fail to get the seat in KV, I will have to ask my child resume in the same school (at least I can save the readmission fees) and on the other hand I had to answer my family members and others for not sending my child school yet (it was already July then). But I decided to take the dare step, with confidence.

Very thankfully my good friend introduced me to the Honorable MP with whom he had cordial relationship. (It is important that you identify the right person in your friends circle who has some good connections). This helped me a lot. The Hon. MP assessed every application meticulously and recommended those whom he found deserving as per the list.

Now the formal process begins..as you know each MP has a coupon and can recommend up to 10 candidates (for every academic year) that were shortlisted in a stipulated format mentioning names of the children and parents and the contact details like postal address and phone number and email id, to which class and school opted for, to be sent to “Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan” and “Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development” both at New Delhi. The MP’s office does this.

If the name of your ward is included in the list you will certainly get a call from “Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan” who will verify your details over phone. It usually takes one or two working days for them to finalize the procedure and to host the list on the website https://kvsangathan.nic.in/acade.... Please keep checking the website from next day after you get call from KVS. It will be easier for you to download the right file from the website if you know the coupon number (every MP is given a coupon number, please see attached); else you need to keep checking every files. It may happen that you get email on this, but it may not reach you sometimes. Otherwise the school will definitely give you a call on the number you shared.

Once you have the coupon with your ward’s name in it, take a print out and annex it with other relevant documents (such as proof of age, residence, TC (if applicable) and meet the school principal. The principal will admit your ward immediately. The fee challan will be raised and given to you and you can make payment online from the school’s website or KVS website using the Student Unique ID No. or in person through Union Bank of India. The fee structure is very affordable. I paid Rs. 1,825/- in total.

Kindly note that “Admission Under MP quota” is over and above the class strength (usually it is 40 per class/section) to any class (except for 11th I believe, for which the ward need to appear for some exam) and your ward WILL get admission even if there is no vacancy. As on 1st July 2019, my daughter joined in class 6 in KV1, Pondicherry now wears the KV tag. The children here are from different backgrounds hence your child has opportunity to mingle/learn/share with them which will help children having balance in their real lives.

PS: I have spoken out from my own experiences; I do not recommend anybody to follow my footprints as it may not necessarily be applicable for all cases in successfully getting admission in KV. I am a freelancer and this process shall not apply to the personnel of Central or State Govt/Defense and alike that.

Kindly excuse me for grammar, typo errors if any.



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