What is the best online marketing strategy for a freelance writer/editor?

  1. Passion for content area.
  2. They pay their writers. They have advertising. They have a business model.
  3. You see a gap in their coverage that you can solve.

  1. Identification of possible opportunities. Alltop is a possibility for finding blogs or online publications in your niche.
  2. Email.
  3. You could certainly use Linked in or Twitter or a comment on their writing. But dollars to donuts email is probably the most direct to get their attention on a consistent basis.
  4. Have a solid portfolio which demonstrates your skills OR write an article for their publication. You could potentially use this for pitching other publications.

Its not clear if you want to write
for an online publication or write for corporations or something else.

The challenge in terms of being a freelancer is that it in certain verticals is more multi-media. However, I think in those segments writers can demonstrate extra value (ie extra views).

Demonstrate your uniqueness, value, and personality (ie your ability to relate to your audience and take them on a journey and make them feel)

Note: you will probably make more money from offline clients than from online clients. You can use online credibility to leverage offline.

Bottom line:

  1. Identify your fish
  2. What do you fish like to read about? (ie what kind of lure do you need)
  3. Fish where the fish are

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