What is the best way to be a professional SEO specialist?

To be an SEO specialist, you have to have knowledge about a lot of things regarding general and advanced SEO and experiences of your own. One can only do freelancing with Back-linking but it will never be going to make you a Professional SEO Expert or Specialist.

If you want to be a successful Search Engine Optimizer, you have to be concerned about a lot of things. Only Off-page Optimization is not enough to be an SEO-Guru; you must achieve expertise on On-Page, Off-Page, Key-Word Research, Content and other related topics. This post is for the ones who think themselves as an SEO expert with their little knowledge. Here, I will also discuss what you have to do to be an SEO expert and how can you get a high-level job for this. So shall we start?

First you have to know properly about The Web

Let me tell you something in plain simple English, “You Can Never Be an SEO Expert Unless You Have a Proper Knowledge about the Web since You Are Going to Do SEO on Websites”. So, you must have to know how to manage, customize and run websites, how does the server, domain, hosting, IP signal, CMS, etc. works because you might need to work on the Structure of Websites at any time. You have to be prepared to take any necessary steps if there is any problem in the Website and must know how you are going to apply SEO Optimization to provide solutions.

It is a myth that you need to learn about Web Development to gain concepts about The Web. You can do it with just Google Searching.

To have better knowledge of HTML

HTML is the primary part of a Website. It gives birth the Website. A Search Engine only indexes the HTML code of a Website to index a particular site. So, you have to know HTML well to be a professional Search Engine Optimizer. You must know how to work with these specific fundamental tags such as <a>, alt, meta, title, <h1>, <strong>, <img> etc.

Knowing HTML does not include all the tags. So, do not panic. You can rapidly learn to use and work these tags with Google Search.

It is a must to know Keyword Research

Only a single mistaken keyword is enough to demolish an SEO project. On the other hand, a single accurate keyword is sufficient for your desired success. Some people believe that choosing an ideal/correct keyword means the half of the SEO is done

And to elect the accurate and lucrative keywords, you have to perceive keyword research. One thing is for sure, if you want to be an SEO expert you must perceive keyword research, how to ferret out a niche, how to detect low competition keywords, how to do competitor analysis etc.

You need to know about keyword trends therewithal. Which keyword is being searched oft-times, Which country is searching for the keyword more often, How many CPCs are therein etc. because, if you do not exert the particular keyword neither you will be able to get your desired number of visitors, nor you will be able to make room in Search parameter. Thus, you have to have detailed knowledge about keywords if you intend to become an SEO specialist.

You Have to gain expertise in Content Writing

There is an epigram, “Content is the king of SEO”. That means SEO is just a fantasy without Content. So, if you claim yourself as an SEO expert then you better have proper knowledge of Content Writing so that you can expertly write about any topic.

A professional Search Engine Optimizer means a good content writer since a better content attracts visitor and provides support to keep them in reach of your league as well. Why would anyone visit your website if it does not have informative and accurate content? Therefore, ask yourself, How you are going to write content? For whom you will be writing content, What are you going to write? How much should you write? When to write?

Well, it is not that easy to be a good content writer. You have to be fluent in English. Even if you are not fluent, keep writing and trying and practicing until you reach a point where you can, at least, write correct English. Take help from Other’s writings, follow their style, check where your mistakes are and correct them. Sooner or Later, your English will gradually improve.

You Must Know How to do proper On-Page optimization

On-page is one of the most significant parts of Search Engine Optimization. Without On-page, SEO is like walking a blind road and whoever walks on this road shall be called Blind SEO Experts. So, if you want not to be a Blind SEO Expert you better learn the A-Z of On-Page Optimization. There are different classes of On-Page Optimization. To do On-page Optimization, you have to know-

  1. How To Use Meta Tags.
  2. How To Do Title Optimization.
  3. How To Do Description Optimization.
  4. Keyword Density And Keyword Replacement.
  5. The Usages Of Sitemap.XML, Robots.Txt, Webmaster Tools, Analytics.
  6. Website Structure And Layout.
  7. URL Optimization.
  8. Image Optimization.
  9. The Usages Of Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3).
  10. How To Do Internal Linking Etc.

So, if you want to be an SEO-Guru, you should learn about On-Page Optimization in details. Otherwise, you will never get quality freelancing projects and even if you do, you would not be able complete them accurately.

You have to be an expert in Off-Page Optimization as well

Only On-Page optimization is not enough. To be a professional, you have to know Off-Page optimization too as it comes right after the On-page optimization. The word Off-Page Optimization refers to Promotion.

Again, only Back-link Building and Off-Page Optimization will not do any help if there is no planning. An SEO expert will always do Off-Page Optimization with proper planning. Plan will raise these questions in an SEO expert’s mind- How many back-linking are needed for the website? What types of back-linking are required? Where to get the back-links? Etc.

Below are the things that you need to attain to be an Off-page Optimization Expert-

  1. The Ability to Build Up Links In All Platforms.
  2. Anchor Text Optimization.
  3. Ferreting Out the Back-Link Websites In An Exact Way.
  4. Link-Wheel and Tire-Back-Linking.
  5. Page-Rank, Page/Domain Authority.
  6. Link Management.
  7. Citation (For Local SEO).
  8. Content Marketing and Promotion.
  9. Concept About Google Penguin Update..

There are a lot of other factors than the above ones but to be an expert; you have to achieve at least these significant factors.

Without On-Page Optimization, one cannot think about building a search-engine friendly website. On the contrary, without Off-page optimization, you can do the ranking of a website. Hence, to be an SEO specialist you have to master your skills on both of these matters.

Expertise on Analysis, Tracking and Budget Planning is also necessary

A Professional SEO Optimizer is the one who analyzes his work. So, you have to come up with the expertise on Analysis, Tracking, and Planning as well.

An SEO Expert is a solution provider and is also concerned about things such as How many visitors are visiting the website, Which keywords are attracting the visitors, Which keyword got the ranking, Why a keyword is not getting ranked, finding out the obstacles and how to fix them. Besides, if he uses anything that is paid, he will determine the budget and Return on Investment (ROI) and operate his work and link-tracking according to that. If you are not yet an expert on these matters, then you are still not an Expert in SEO too.

If you want to build up your career on Search Engine Optimization, then follow my instructions and advice. Whatever you do, do it properly. Claiming yourself as an expert in SEO with lesser knowledge is like a being a failure in the troop. It is hard to become an SEO expert in a short period but if you follow my above discussions and work as I have said then there could be a chance for you to become an expert in few months and build up your career along the way.

There is a huge demand for SEO experts in he whole world. Latterly in Bangladesh, the demand of SEO experts is gradually touching the heights of the sky. A lot of organizations are asking for Search Engine Optimizers. But the sad fact is the demanders are not even expert in SEO and thus, many people are losing work. This is not just only happening in local works but is happening in freelancing as well. People are losing works in Marketplaces because they are failing to fulfill the requirements of the buyers. But how long you will survive like this? A little hard work can make you a successful Search Engine Optimizer. Stop wasting your precious time in bidding and other useless stuff and start learning. The accurate knowledge in SEO can help you to make a bright career as this sector is coming to everyone’s concern lately. Soon it will be huge and there will be a lot of SEO experts. So, are you preparing yourself to make room in the Ocean of SEO experts?

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