What is the best way to handle rejection?

I have been rejected more number of times than you can think.

Both personally and professionally, people and companies have said a straight no to me.

But here is how I decode their no –

  1. No, you are not capable enough for us
  2. No, you can do better things so don’t be with us

Every rejection has a reason –

A. There are opportunities that you really want but you need to work harder.

B. There are opportunities that you don’t want because you deserve better.

Now in any case, you need to move on.

Personal story –

I am a freelancer and same time last year, a client rejected me very badly. They got in touch with me, worked with me for a month and then rejected me saying, you are a pathetic marketer.

That affected me so much that I thought I should take a job as soon as possible because freelancing is not for me.

And one year later, I googled about the company again and they have shut down.

Whereas I have done some amazing projects with great companies.

Moral – Rejection does not mean you are bad. I took this rejection to my heart and worked day and night.

Another story –

A guy couple of years back rejected me saying that I am quite backward and won’t fit in his equation.

Today, he is still single, doing an average job and trying to be cool on Instagram.

Now I am not saying the guy was bad but his reason for rejection was pathetic. Only because I don’t find a couple of things cool, I cannot be labelled as backward.

I am way more progressive than him when it comes to business.

Moral – Some rejections teach you that you deserve better.

Take some rejections with a pitch of salt and write motivational Quora answers about others.

But at the end of the day, if you are improving everyday and working hard no matter what, then you are amazing!

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