What would be your advice to someone who is high-functioning autistic who plans on starting their own business? Right now it is web design, but will develop further as I get the hang of it. I am entirely self taught so no college.

This is the most awesome question I’ve heard today, and it’s been an amazing day.

If I were you, knowing what I know today, and I didn’t have anyone to learn from, I would focus on how to get clients. They’re the one thing you need, to be in business. I wouldn’t bother learning web design, I would learn to sell it. By reading tons and tons of the top 3 web design, google returns. I would do this in a bunch of medium to large cities. Not the one’s that google serves up through ads, the organics. The idea is to understand the patterns you see and use them to sell.

Once you sell a job, I would go somewhere like upwork and post a job for a web build.[you need to understand how to hire them intelligently]

There are also ‘white label’ digital marketing companies, that will do the work for you. They give you a rate, you add to the rate, make money in between and they work through you. Similar to a freelancer, but potentially more consistant and supported. [you have to do your homework]

You’re of more service to your business handling your clients and getting more coming in.

Generally, the cycle for a web designer is something like:
* While searching for work, it’s famine
* You get a few people talking
to you, so you focus on them
* One signs up, so you focus on them and their build
* While building, your search momentum dries up
* Once you finish you start searching again and it’s famine
* Rinse
* Repeat

It’s hard on an entrepreneur, but there are better ways of going about any path.

If you’re interested, I’m happy to walk with you, along the path of entrepreneurship. It would be very meaningful to help and I would be interested in doing this, PRO-BONO. I’m currently teaching freelance designers, writers and digital marketers, how to build their first agency.

No matter your choice, I hope this post serves you,

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