What would you recommend for life advice for a man aged 30 who has simply a freelancing job and is struggling to find work?


Let us assume you have good skills, and are up to date, and there are people who want whatever skill you have.

Check your pricing

start with your cost – e.g., your last full-time salary + 20% , Divided by chargeable days – I used 172 , which allows for holidays, sick days, training days and some non working days . e.g. so £50k salary = rate cost of £290 / day

Check what your peers charge . It’s typically double to conclude cars, overhead premises IT etc, but make sure you are keenly priced.

Travel -as a freelance be prepared to travel ,but do include travel costs and hotel if you need to stay overnight

Then marketing

Consider employing a freelance marketer to create a marketing plan ( 1 or 2 days) , but you can do a lot yourself.

1 Organize your marketing approach

Use free project management (PM) software, like Trello or Airtable, to: make sure you update things on a regular basis

2. Optimize your freelance platform profiles

Refresh your profiles various platforms, like Upwork, Fiverr, or ClearVoice. Set a diary reminder to refresh every 3 months

3. Leverage LinkedIn for marketing

LinkedIn is a critical channel for freelancers

  • Completing your profile:
  • Optimizing job descriptions:
  • Add skills and endorsements:
  • Secure recommendations:
  • Actively use the platform:
  • Link to your website

4. Build a website or portfolio site

5. Send letters of intent

Marketing for freelancers includes pitching your services, and it’s probably the least favorite task for some entrepreneurs. However, reaching out to potential clients and introducing yourself is one of the top ways to secure new work. Do your research, find the person who hires freelancers, and send them a personal email.

6 Get active on social media

While activity on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin groups may not result in instant lead generation, both channels are fabulous tools for networking and building social proof. Switch your personal account to a business account, fill out your profile, and get involved.

Some good stuff on this site – link below

What worked for me

Decide why you are freelance, not perm. Are you chasing cash, the type of work building a business, work life balance, working for yourself, less stress. If you know why you are choosing this job /lifestyle then you will be clearer on how to do it.

I’ve done freelancing a couple of times in my career, various permutations. I found running multiple clients concurrently, a challenge. Clients were unhappy when I couldn’t give them 100%, and then when I did give one client 100%, and the contract finished, I had to start from scratch to get new business as I had no other leads to work on.

I also did serial temp work This worked well for me. I could set my terms, pick the sort of work I liked to do, and take a contract for 3- 6 months, then look for another. I jhad niche skills, some great testimonials, and a solid website,. Recruitment agencies would often ring me with this work, so I wasn’t spending all my time looking for work, then clients would “validate” me by looking at my website and Linkedin profile. It was project work , so it did have an end point, which I like. That was part of my reason for doing freelance work – I prefer project work. Most times, the client would look to extend , and we could discuss what work, and at what rate, and I could decide if I wanted to stay. I always did, but there was a genuine choice. I still had periods of not working when one contract finished but the length became quite predictable, and if after a month or 2, if there was no work , I could increase my chances by : being more flexible on my daily rate; looking at more mainstream jobs or being prepared to travel further.

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