What’s a good starter guide to using LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the topmost business social media platform, whether you are a job-doer, an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or even a homemaker.

However, truth be spoken, LinkedIn is not for EVERYONE. If you don’t start with the correct right approach, things can become overwhelming pretty fast.


Everyone is a LinkedIn guru at present.

Wherever you go, you’ll find tips from experts on HOW, WHY, WHEN to use LinkedIn.

There are umpteen courses, masterclasses, guides, and even blogs on how to use LinkedIn.

In such cases, it becomes crucial that you know what you want from LinkedIn so you can devise an appropriate strategy and make consistent efforts to achieve your goals.

5 tips to get the most of LinkedIn if you are just starting out.

1. Discover your WHY: Why do you want to use LinkedIn? Find out the purpose and write it on a piece of paper. Do you want to

  • Find a new job?
  • Expand your business?
  • Find clients?
  • Network with like-minded professionals?
  • Become an influencer?
  • Find speaking or consulting gigs?

Instead of relying on others’ advice, find your WHY or clear purpose behind using LinkedIn.

2. Create a compelling profile: Your LinkedIn profile is the most valuable real estate. Don’t write it like a RESUME.

Write it like a sales landing page. Whether you are an employee or a business person, you sell something (a product, a service, or yourself). Show people why they should connect with you by telling your story.

Ensure that you fill out every section of your LinkedIn profile:

  • Background banner
  • Featured Section
  • Headline
  • ABOUT section
  • Professional Experience
  • Skills & Endorsements

3. Connect with 5 new people every day: LinkedIn is the best place to connect with like-minded professionals and people who may prove to be an asset for your career. Connect with 5 new people every day by sending them customized connection requests. Once they connect, send them a thank you note for connecting.

Don’t send your resume or pitch the moment you connect with anyone. Build a relationship with them first. LinkedIn works the best when you adopt “Give n Take” approach where you help others before asking for one.

4. Engage on others’ posts: Initially, you may not feel confident in creating content (although it’s recommended). But utilize this time to engage on others’ posts. The more you comment on people’s posts, they notice you.

However, don’t get away with commenting by writing “Nice post”, “I agree”, etc. Instead, add your own 2 cents by writing a line or two about what you you liked specifically.

5. Don’t treat LinkedIn like a time-pass: LinkedIn may be a social media platform, but it isn’t Facebook or Instagram. You can’t scroll through your feed in your free time and get away with it. To achieve positive results, make sincere efforts on LinkedIn. Remember, persistence and patience play a crucial role.

You don’t have to spend countless hours every day. Even if you spend 15 minutes every day, you can generate opportunities and network with like-minded people.

I hope these tips help 🙂

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