Where can I find a freelance Cantonese-English interpreter (on the spot transcriber) in Hong Kong? How much does it cost?

I've not yet heard of anyone attempting to offer this. There are good reasons why. In simple terms:

A = interpretation (speech), which is done live, on-the-spot, with a delay (lag) of maybe a couple of seconds at most
B = translation (text), which takes much more time, and is a completely separate industry.
C = stenography, mostly seen in courts and the like, where someone writes / types out what is being said in real time, in the same language

If you want an event translated into English subtitles (text) in real time, you're basically asking for A but typed out rather than spoken, ie A + C. The typing process takes extra time and makes it less 'live'. You'll also be transcribing oral speech, which will look a bit like US-style event transcripts (see this for an example).

A+C is not impossible, but it's a setup I haven't seen used anywhere yet. When you see people interviewed on the news with subtitles in a different language, these are prepared ahead of time, not done live.

It's probably a lot easier and simpler (especially in technical terms) to just go for A and offer people the chance to listen to the event in English. Here are two AIIC members in Hong Kong who can set things up to do that for you:
Tze Kong HO
Philip Shing Tak LEONG

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