Where can I find cloud-based project management software that is able to hide the contact details of my team of freelancers from each other and the client?

Hi there!

Check out Worksection, which is project management system, I work for. It`s quite new, but it`s full of useful features that you can use for any kind of production or development. Worksection provides all the built-in tools you will need to control every aspect of you project.

For example, you can work with multiply projects, using built-in calendar. And when you need
to control your time and budget, just try time tracker, accounting tool and Gantt chart. Create multiple tasks and subtasks, change their duration and priority – Worksection is really flexible, and will adjust them for your schedule.

Also we have great commenting system, which allows toy
to share ideas and thoughts without leaving your workplace. Besides, you can comment any task, subtask, give directions etc. And you can use our e-mail notification system, to tell your colleagues about changes.

Besides, you can get up
to 50Gb for your data, and share it with colleagues and clients not even leaving the workplace.

I hope you will try Worksection and you will like

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