Where I can find a good copywriter, excluding freelance sites same UpWork?

Google the type of copywriter you want in the location you want (if you want to meet them in person).

Examples: “SEO copywriter in (city, state)”

“Progressive/conservative professional copywriters” (if you’re looking for someone to support a political candidate)

“Professional copywriters who are _______ experts (environment, clean energy, flooring/carpeting, siding, medical, etc.)”

“Newark (Seattle) (Baltimore, etc.) Professional copywriter testimonials”

“(City) Professional copywriter reviews”

Try “Best copywriters” “top copywriters” “killer copywriters, “kick-ass copywriters”, too. Then look at their websites, portfolios and testimonials.

Or google, “What should I pay a professional copywriter?” and see which copywriters pop up offering helpful, insightful (not self-serving!) advice.

Most copywriters specialize in niches: real estate, medical, IT, fashion, pets, environment, etc. You can look for them that way.

But there are generalists, too.

Another avenue: Watch for riveting writing. For example, when you spot a website, or an article on a site (without a byline), that you absolutely LOVE—the writing, the attitude, the style is EXACTLY like what you’d like to see or your site or in your article—simply ask the website owner who wrote the copy. They can probably introduce you to their favorite copy/content writer or editor—and I think we can all agree that warm leads and intros are the ones most likely to end up as viable projects with mutually-satisfying results.

Good luck!

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