Which freelance platform charges no fee?

A freelance platform that doen’t charge fees is non-existent. It’s impossible for the platform to prevail if they don’t charge money. The only difference between freelance platforms is what do they charge you for and how much.

For instance, Upwork charges a lot of fees. If you want to submit proposal for a job, first you have to pay for your bids. Also, Upwork takes processing fee from your client, whenever he or she pays you. And not to forget the special perks both clients and freelancer can get once they pay membership fees.

On Freelancer, everyone has to pay memebership fee. The fee depends on your membership plan, and you can pay monthly as well as annualy. On this platform, freelancers lose 10% of their payment due to fee. If you do a preffered or assosted job, the fee is bigger.

However, goLance is a platform which has the lowest fees. They don’t limit your bids and there aren’t membership plans which you have to pay for. They only have a 7.95% charge fee.

While there isn’t a fairytale freelance platform that doesn’t charge you fees, I’d recommend giving goLance a try.

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