Which skills and rules should everyone know before starting a freelancing career?

Freelancing covers a very wide spectrum of jobs. It could be designing, writing, developing, auditing, killing (yes that exists), cooking, consulting, stand-up comedy and so on.

But most freelancers I know today don't earn enough. They complain that they're not able to land high paying clients.

Earning a truckload of money certainly shouldn't be your wakeup call for freelancing. But it is important that you earn enough after you've spent some time working in this field, right?

When you're starting out, you only need the skill you want to deliver to others. Be it writing, consulting, designing or anything else.

But with time, you need to grow your business.

And to grow your business, there's one and only one skill that helps.

The skill to sell yourself.

I've said it like a 100 times and I'll say it again:

Jo dikhta hai, wo bikta hai! (What shows up is what sells!)

There are many writers who write far better than I do, but they're hardly earning as a freelancer.

The only reason is that I know how to sell myself, but they don't.

As a freelancer, YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS.

And you need to know how to sell yourself. You need to get yourself in front of an audience that would love to buy your services.

A freelancer with amazing skills who does not know to market herself is like a Nike showroom in the midst of a jungle. Nobody sees it, nobody knows about it, and nobody buys from it.

So, don't be like that Nike showroom. Be like the one situated in midst of a busy street.

There is sure to be competition around, but you know there's nothing like what you deliver. And so, that will attract clients to you, no matter how expensive your services are.

Honestly, just be like a real-life Nike showroom. That's it. That'll make you a successful freelancer.

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