Why, in your opinion, do most sales people fail?

Salespeople fail for any number of reasons. Instead of trying to create an infinite list, let me explain three of the most common reasons.

Reason one: They lack confidence

As far as your prospects are concerned, you are an extension of the product or service you’re selling. Their impression of you is their impression of the product. If you aren’t confident in yourself (and your product), why in the world would they be?

Reason two: They don’t qualify prospects

I don’t care what you’re selling, “the world” is not your market. You sell to a niche, however wide or narrow that is. If you don’t know that niche (or try to sell outside of it), you’re dooming yourself before you even begin.

Reason three: They talk, rather than listen

Seriously, shut up. The most valuable thing you can do as a salesperson isn’t list every feature your product has… It’s to be incredibly curious, ask value-producing questions, and genuinely listen to your prospects.

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