Wilderness Revamp '20

Wilderness Revamp '20

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New Content Outline

New Main Boss: Hellfire Golem 

Location: Deep Northeast Volcano

Style: Ranged ,Special (Magic)

Unique: Hell's Flame Orb)

New Mini Boss: Gravekeeper

Location: The Forgotten Cemetery

Style: Magic, Special (Magic)

Unique: Forbidden Staff

New Mini Boss: Undead Slayer Master 

Location: West of the Slayer Tower (Wild)

Style: Melee, Special (Ranged)

Unique: Hilt of the Undead

New Main Boss: Bandit Gang

Location: Bandit's Camp

Style: Mage, Ranged, Melee , No Spec

Unique: Cursed Embodied Shard 1, 2 & 3

(Ruthless Blade)

New Weapon: Hell's Flame Orb + Forbidden Staff = Hell's Fire Staff

Tier: 90 (Within wilderness), 85 (Elsewhere)

Perks: Unlimited Fire Runes

Special Attack: (40% Cost) Next magic attack ignores protect from magic / deflect magic.

New Weapon: Hilt of the Undead + Ruthless Blade = Sword of the Undead

Tier: 90 (Within wilderness), 85 (Elsewhere)

Perks: Can imbue a salve or salve (e) amulet into the sword.

Special Attack: (20% Cost) Treats target as an undead class for the next 20 seconds. (15s Cooldown)

Updated Content

Chaos Elemental 

  • Attacks multiple targets at once.

  • Drop table updated.

  • Chaos Elemental Drop Enhancer


  • NPCs drop lootbag (common drop)

    • Lootbag is able to hold 28 items obtained within the wilderness even warband supplies.

Cursed Energies 

  • Gathering rate nerfed by 60%.

  • Normal rate unlocked at obtaining wilderness sword 3.

  • Rate boosted by 30% after unlocking wilderness sword 4.

Forinthry Dungeon

  • Random Elite Revenant may spawn with a 100% chance of a drop (Only during Wilderness Slayer Task).

  • Dark Beasts drop table has been significantly improved, the wilderness version called Savage Dark Beast.

  • The dungeon itself has been moved up 3 wilderness levels.

Red Dragon Isle

  • Replaced Red Dragons with Blazing Brute Dragon.

  • Unique: Fusion Sigil

    • Combined with either Annihilation, Obliteration or Decimation for permanent untradedable "Fused" variant.

    • Fused Obliteration has its special attack cost halved.

    • Fused Annahilation has its stack # per hit doubled.

    • Fused Decimation has its special attack duration doubled.

Frozen Waste Plateau

  • Ice warriors and giants removed.

  • One Blizzard Wyrm added.

    • Ice variant of Wildywyrm.

    • Barrages as Autos.

    • Unique is "Frost Ashes".

      • Used on Fury Sharks to create a "Preserved Fury Shark" with a 2 minute duration.

Lava Maze Dungeon

  • Removed poison spiders and greater demons.

  • Added 4 Ripper Demons.

  • Camouflage Potion can be used to instantly avoid getting attacked by the NPCs for the duration of the effect.

Pirate's Hideout

  • High source for hard and elite clue scrolls. 

  • Uber rare chance of dropping hard/elite reward casket.

  • Buffed Pirate combat level.

  • Increased the thieving requirement to enter/lockpick the door to 75.

Dungeon west of Mage Arena

  • Significantly updated drop table.

  • Collection Chest outside the entrance. 

    • Collects all the loot within the dungeon.

    • Dying within the dungeon drops a key forfeiting the chest's loot to the pker.

New Dungeon Accessible in Giant Spiders Area (Wilderness Level 45)

  • Consist of new resources. 

  • Can be teleported to using wilderness sword 4.

  • New item used for crafting Tier 90 shield with an always pvp effect if worn. (tier 80 outside the wilderness with no effect)

Scorpions Pit

  • High source of weapon poison +++ ingredients.

Open Area Wilderness Update

  • Plank Spawns replaced with Mahogany Planks

  • Nature Rune Spawn replaced with Soul Rune.

  • Skull Spawns replaced with big bones.

  • Burnt Bones Spawn replaced with Infernal Ashes.

  • Magic Axes have an extremely rare chance of dropping dragon pickaxe.

  • East Wilderness green dragons replaced with black dragons.

  • Sapphire on level 45 hilltop replaced with cut diamond.

Slayer Bounty Reward Shop Update 

  • Updated some of the reward item effects.

  • New components from some of the higher value rewards for new pvp related perks.

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