Wildfire Turbo: Undead edtion

Wildfire Turbo: Undead Edition

You can find the original version here

Custom Lineage

DEX 14, WIS 13, 16CHA, CON 14

Tier 1

Level 1 Divine Soul Sorcerer
Here we get Con Saves, shield, and favor of the gods giving us a very much needed out when dealing with saving throws.

Level 2 The Undead
We get Form of dread allowing us to add a fear save or suck to our Eldritch Blast(EB).

Level 3 The Undead
Here we pick up both agonizing and repelling blasts, Improving our damage. Also, There's the option of pick grasping over agonizing blast, giving you more control and more even damage when you get spike growth, enhanced bound, and Polearm mastery, however the choice is yours.

Level 4 Druid
Finally druid! We pick the amazing spell Entangle allowing us to control the battlefield when we need to.

Level 5 Wildfire
By readying Fiery Teleportation we can teleport when any condition we find threatening happens. Note: Remember our ready action doesn’t stop the action from happening, so the ready action needs to be preemptive.

The one ready command I found to cover most situations is:
“Teleport when the PC or Wildfire is about to be attacked”

The “about” clause denotes our command as a preemptive measure and not during and you can cover both spells and attack actions using this command.

Tier 2

Level 6 Wildfire
We finally get level 2 spells, most notably Past Without Trace and Spike Growth. Using Spike Growth and EB we can constantly drag our opponents around for large amounts of damage with combines nicely with Form of Dread’s fear EB for extra damage.

In addition, we can cast the spell flaming sphere and then wildshape into a giant badger allowing us to constantly attack our opponents using the spell and remain buried underground unable to be hit.

Level 7 Wildfire

Our first ASI level, We pick up Polearm Mastery. Now with warcaster + PAM + EB for push back we can effectively use both our wildfire’s reaction and own effectively by having wildfire teleport us away from danger and using EB to Push opponents back. THis combo when combined with Form of dread we have an extremely powerful defensive wall. 

Level 8 Wildfire

We finally get conjure animals allowing us to summon whatever the DM wants for damage. You always want to always choose 8 creatures. if the DM gives you decent monster picks you have a chance to change the game with this spell. Also we pick up Plant growth allowing us to slow things down even more.

Level 9 Wildfire

Enhanced Bond boosts our Flaming Sphere damage making the default kill a lot more effective. Also, when wildfire is flying around, we can use Thorn Whip from wildfire’s space to lift our opponent in the air, making them take damage from both thorn whip & falling, and due to the fall, landing prone. 

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