Winter Orb Guardian Quick Guide

Winter Orb Guardian


Disclaimer : This build is not cheap. It abuses the new cluster jewels with purposeful harbinger and endbringer/heraldry. Unfortunately the price of all of these items has skyrocketed in the past few days However, it can be played for a LOT cheaper than my setup and still do everything with 0 issues. Fun to play Winter Orb again after so many nerfs. Play it while you can, this shit is getting nuked next league.


Thoughts after nerf –

Lost duration because of solstice, some damage from radiant crusade not scaling with purposeful anymore, and some ES from radiant faith not scaling as well. Build is still fine, if not still the best build in the league. Still have 90% all.res, 55% phys reduction, and regen so we’re able to run RF. Worb is still good but maybe not the best option anymore. Some guildies have been using EK and found its a pretty great option. I may post a video soon showing how the build is after patch and with EK/BV.


Videos –

Full Build Showcase with Delirious Conquerors and Simulacrum

100% Delirium T19 Canyon

Uber Elder (Guildies video)


  1. PoB’s

  1. Expensive version (my current gear) . This is using two 3 passive voices and one 5 passive voice jewel. To save yourself a shitton of ex, just use 3 of the 5 passive voices and drop the 2 point jewels by ranger and shadow.

  2. Two 5 passive Voice setup This version can be made cheaper as well by using 7 passive voices instead of 5, just drop 2 6% ES nodes per 7 passive you use. With current prices (3/28) this version will cost 60ex or so

      2. Gearing Options / Crafting


  1. Helm – You need 5% reserved on your helm. You can craft this yourself in a few different ways. The cheaper and reliable way is to use Deafening Essence of Loathing to guarantee 5% reserve for every craft. Alternatively, you can get this mod from Redeemer influence. If you’re trying to craft that, use fossils. You can use frigid/bound to try to aim for a -cold res and reserve helm, or just use bound/dense for better ES. If deafening loathing are too hard to buy, or you just get a lower roll in general but want to use the helm, you can supplement the loss in reserve by getting more corrupted jewels with it.

  2. Weapon – Nebulis is the best weapon for Worb, because of this stat

Because we have 90% cold res, this weapon gives us 300% increased cold damage. I bought one with the explode enemies mod on it which is very expensive, but not required, just helps clear faster. I leveled to 96 without one of these, the builds clear is fine with heralds. Just buy one with implicits like crit multi / ele damage / cold damage. However, if you do really want to have explode mod in your build, there’s another option.


  1. Chest – By default we use a Shav’s since we’re lowlife and we need it to fit our auras. However there is the option to just use an actual ES chest with the crusader explode mod on it, and to swap one of your flasks for Coruscating Elixir. This gives the same effect of shavs but on a flask, but does come at a cost. You won’t be able to run normal righteous fire during maps because the flask removes all but 1 life on use, and RF turns off at 1 life. However, it is worth swapping to this if you just want strictly faster mapping. It may sound bad to use this flask for the shavs effect, but it lasts 8 seconds by default and if you’re using Solstice Vigil (you should be) that flask will last for 36 seconds assuming you have the buff. Then if you want to do a boss (Sirus, shaper, etc) just throw a shavs back on. It’s not ideal but will be a lot cheaper than getting an explode Nebulis.


  1. Shield – Prism Guardian. Required. Lots of useful corruptions to get. +2 aura, +1 gems, % phys taken as an element, etc.


  1. Neck – Solstice Vigil. Required.


  1. Rings – You have to have 2 unset rings to fit all the gems in this build. You’ll need strength on one of them, as well as dex on these or gloves if you don’t have a headhunter. Get 1 ring with assassins mark on hit, and the other doesn’t matter. Crusader rings are great for %ES mod. You can awakener orb %ES and assassins mark to get a decent ring even if you hit nothing else.


  1. Boots – Just get high ES and chaos res to start. However there is the option to multimod boots with cannot be chilled/cant be frozen, and then you can fit a cinderswallow with increased crit instead of Kiara’s and put immune to curses on your diamond flask. Has the upside of longer flask durations and more damage at the cost of a bit of ES. I’ve been asked about tailwind boots a good bit. Tailwind DOES get boosted by Purposeful Harbinger, but tailwind does NOT increase your Winter Orb fire rate, just the rate that you cast it and gain stacks. This makes it only useful for movement speed, and I would not use it with a headhunter. To be clear, tailwind won’t boost your winter orb dps. Its action speed, not cast speed, cast speed is what affects winter orb fire rate.


  1. Gloves – just get high ES and chaos res.


  1. Belt – High ES crystal belt with strength, can also use the harbinger belt but will be difficult to get the strength elsewhere and the action speed buff does not buff winter orb just like tailwind. You can also use soulthirst for souleater during flask effect. Our flasks last a long ass time thanks to Solstice so it’s a viable option instead of headhunter. Stats will still be rough on any option that isn’t a rare with strength or headhunter.


  1. Flasks – Dying Sun / Atziri’s Promise / Kiara’s / Quicksilver / Diamond. You can swap Kiara for cinderswallow if you put Immune to curses on diamond and craft cannot be chilled/cannot be frozen boots. Can also just put cannot be chilled/frozen on the quicksilver for a loss of movespeed. Can swap quicksilver for bottled faith for more single target if you want but it’s not needed.


  1. Watcher’s eye – There’s a ton of useful mods since we run a lot of different auras. Some of the best mods

Hatred Pen

ES recovery rate with discipline

Extra ES with clarity

Arcane surge on hit with zealotry

Crit multi with precision


  1. Jewels – You want Purposeful Harbinger on every medium jewel in your voices on both trees. You then need 3 of those to have heraldry, and the rest you want Endbringer. You want 4% total reduced mana reserved on your jewels, which you can get from Conqueror’s Efficiency and jewel corruptions. This can be somewhat flexible but deleveling your clarity a bit if you can’t get all of the reserve corruptions, but you still need some or you won’t have enough mana to channel worb.


Will edit this doc with more information that I find relevant/useful. Big credit to a few guildies who really did make this build happen. Dot / Jello were the brains of this. I just consolidated the information and added stuff that we learned along the way from putting the build together.

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