World Beneath Lies Lyrics

Verse 1 0:07 - 0:35

It’s Time

For Crime

Start the van

Let’s go

Plans roll

Steal their money

Once more

Hack war

Crack the Code

We’ll wake

And break

Their security


Verse 2

Our Grand


Don’t be heroes

Let’s fly

Wards Rise

Listen to me

It’s time

For crime

Dastardly Deeds



Intel is King

Pre-Chorus 1 0:36-1:05

My game is everything

You can't do anything

You can try to lie

But you won't fool me


Guessing games are my style

I’ll beat you with a smile

With every move you make

Piece by piece I will take

Chorus 1:19-1:33

With clues I will connect

And find your big defect

The very top crime lords

We cannot be ignored

Play the world for a fool

This begins our rule

Why don’t you

Quit while you’re behind

Verse 3 1:34 - 1:47

It’s Time

For Crime

Beat the heroes

Their Loss

Big cost

Now we can grow

It’s Time

For Crime

Take the city

We brawl

Groups Fall

Now it’s just us

Chorus 2 4:12 to end

I made a mistake

Watching you try to fake

The perfect older Brother

Why did I believe that cover

So I went and changed my name

Hiding from our parents blame

Hoping you might Forgive

My wrongs I won’t relive

Chorus 3

Ignorance is not bliss

Sitting in your room I miss

I never got to say Goodbye

But I can’t afford to Cry

So With Taylor I’ll pretend

That I saved you in the end

Why’s the world

Have to run on lies

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