WoT Blademaster Forms




Apple Blossoms in the Wind

Multiple opponents

It is meant to be used against multiple opponents. It uses three quick strikes to push opponents back.

Black Lance's Last Strike




A simple form, depending entirely upon speed to draw a sword from the scabbard and thrust it into the enemy's neck. It is, however, an all-or-nothing move; if it fails, the swordsman usually dies. 

The Boar Rushes Down the Mountain 

It is a series of aggressive strikes raining down from overhead.

Cat Crosses the Courtyard 


A way of carrying oneself which maximizes alertness and reaction potential. The blademaster lets his body hang relaxed, spine straight, as though suspended by a line. It affects a self-assured manner and projects confidence, but could also be described as a relaxed, almost arrogant saunter.

Cat Dances on the Wall


Used to knock aside a strike and go for the legs in one sweep. The movement of the form looks like a surprised cat scrambling up a wall.

Folding the Fan


Used to sheathe a swordsman's weapon. It is typically used at the end of another form.

Heron Wading in the Rushes 

Movement / Stance

Typically used to train balance. The swordsman stands on the ball of one foot, sword held reversed in both hands over their head shifting from foot to foot. Many consider it unworthy of practice, since it allows the enemy to strike with impunity.

Hummingbird Kisses the Honeyrose

Counter Attack

The movements of the form are unknown, other than the fact that it is rarely useful against someone on the defensive

Kissing the Adder


Used to thrust a sword through an opponent's heart. The name suggest that this form is used in a close fight

Leopard in High Grass


It is a walking stance assumed when there are enemies on all sides.

Leopard in the Tree

Movement / Stance 

It is a stance with the swordsman grasping the hilt of his weapon, waiting on the brink of drawing.

Lizard in the Thornbush


This form has been used by a swordsman against single and multiple opponents. The movement of the form ends on one knee.

Lotus Closes Its Blossom


The form is conventionally used against a single opponent. It is often followed by the swordsman wiping or shaking the blood off of the blade before sheathing the sword as a finishing flourish. This is reflected by the word "closes" in the name of the form.

Low Wind Rising 

It is a sword form with both a standing and a seated version.

The Moon Rises Over the Lakes 


It is a way to unsheath the sword, but can also be used once the sword is out of its scabbard.

The Moon Rises Over Water

The movement of the sword form is a slashing movement.

Oak Shakes Its Branches


Often used by masters when training students. It deals non-lethal blows and is also very effective against large groups of opponents who are using different types of weapons.

Parting the Silk

Often used at the beginning of battle. It is also used to practice balance.

Plucking the Low-Hanging Apple


It is used to cut at the neck, the head being the "low-hanging apple."

Reaping the Barley 

A slice aimed just beneath the rib cage.

Red Hawk Takes a Dove 

A sword form designed to weaken an opponent through slight gashes to the forearms, legs.

River of Light


It is used as a draw-cut, usually ment to unsheath the sword and strike in the same motion

The River Undercuts the Bank


A movement involving dropping to one knee in order to make a horizontal cut at the enemy's abdomen or legs. It is a dangerous tactic without the proper setu. 

Shake Dew from the Branch


It is used to deliver six sharp blows that can be divided amongst several opponents.

Thistledown Floats on the Whirlwind

This form involves leaping and spinning, such that the blade cuts horizontally.

The Viper Flicks Its Tongue

Can be used when a swordsman fights alone, but it is more effective when used with an ally.

Forms lacking descriptions (d20)


Arc of the Moon

Lightning of Three Prongs


Black Pebbles on Snow

Lion on the Hill


The Boar Rushed Downhill

The Lion Springs


Bundling Straw

Moon on the Water


Cat on Hot Sand

Rain in High Wind


The Courtier Taps His Fan

Rat Gnawing the Grain


The Creeper Embraces the Oak

Ribbon in the Air


Cutting the Clouds

The Rose Unfolds


The Cyclone Rages

Soft Rain at Sunset


Dandelion in the Wind

Stone Falls From the Mountain


The Dove Takes Flight

Stones Falling from the Cliff


Eel Among the Lily Pads

Striking the Spark


The Falcon Stoops

The Swallow Rides the Air


The Falling Leaf

Threading the Needle


Folding the Air

Tower of Morning


The Grapevine Twines

Twisting the Wind


The Heron Spreads Its Wings

Two Hares Leaping


Kingfisher Circles the Pond

Unfolding the Fan


The Kingfisher Takes a Silverback

Water Flows Downhill


Leaf on the Breeze

The Wood Grouse Dances

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