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  • Wormholes & Waystations is an old-school space opera / multi-genre roleplaying game. All you need to play is this book, some friends, and a bunch of six-sided dice.

    • Join StelNav and save the Border Colonies from the hostile reptilian Tsenari Empire!

    • Study mystical powers with the Nova Templars!

    • Smuggle dreamdust past megacorp blockades!

    • Design your own alien Species, Careers, Backgrounds, and Starships!

    • Strange worlds mean different genres! You get kitchen-sink fantasy with Advanced Bugbears & Ballistas, and mutant spandex crimefighting with the Freakshow Crusade!

  • It's Time … To Boldly Proceed Where No Sentient Has Ventured … Before! (Recommended for Ages 18+)

  • Simple, basic space opera setting baked in, with lots of room to explore and fill in the gaps for yourself.

  • Old school type game with classes and levels, so it’s easy to learn and teach.

  • You only need d6s, so it’s easy to play!

  • Built to support multiple genres easily. You should be able to run most any genre in W&W, all in one slim book.

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