Xenoblade X speedrun route


    • This route is for offline mode.

    • To start a new run, create a new Nintendo network ID account, so that you don’t have to erase any savefile, and switch off internet.

    • The main things to figure for now are

  • What class/build should have Cross (basically what can allow massive damage with good defense through infinite overdrive. some references: Xenoblade X: build references other possibilty would be to main Elma and have Cross as a support)

  • Having a fixed art menu stuff (we need ghost factory lvl 5, shadowrunner lvl 3, phantom counter at highest level possible, same for hellhound but less priority (it just makes fight easieresier, no real need), executioner, stream edge and 100 shells are also quite important

  • Better exploration stuff for Oblivia and Primordia

  • Effective way to class level up before getting the lvl 13 Irina (We have that for now once we get the lvl 13 class for Irina: http://www.twitch.tv/legrandgrand/v/35453351 ) (we already have a strat for this but it’s kinda meh)


CHANGES INCOMING:  need to figure out menus better (now I know what I need, just gotta find out when doing them). Cross end lvl 3 of his final class, so we need to figure what his best class could be. Also need to reword on Primordia Noctilum and Oblivia.



At the start switch for Elma right away.

Get collectibles on the way, and 3 mech treasure to hit lvl 2.

When choosing path, go to the beach and take the 3  mech treasure so that you hit lvl 3

Fight: ezpz

Go up the elevator, take the transporter pilot to the administrative district, then head to the barracks


Chapter 1

Ask the three questions to Nagi then leave barracks

Head to BLADE concourse: first to mission console then scout console, then the armory alley

Then head to the BLADE tower, by jumping on the truck


Chapter 2

Head back to the barracks

Leave the barrack then head to the East door

upgrade arts?

Kill boss

Head back to the barracks

Choose curator (maybe?)


Chapter 3


Fast travel to the FN Site 116

Get the biological treasure near the beach

Head to the prone base and kill the prones

Get the two treasure

Get the data probe nearby

Go up and head to the prone base; before entering get the mech treasure

Fast travel to the FN Site 116 and head to the FN Site 114. On the way you should find Nathan and his quest, accept it. Also get the mech treasure nearby.

After that head to Connor to continue Nathan’s quest, then head to the FN site 112.

Once it’s done get the quest collectible up the hill, and Fast travel back to Sickle Rock Slide to finish that quest.

Once it’s done  head to the Silent Mire and get to the cave to get the XP from it’s discovery, then go to  the FN Site 117.

While you are doing all that put G1 Mining Probe on Site 116 and 114, and research probe on 117.

Now head back to FN Site 119, get 3 more treasure, so that Elma hit lvl 9. If you don’t just do a few battles along the way/grab some extra treasure. Get better equips for everyone and upgrade arts then start


Prone fight: This one is really RNG, depending on what Gengar do. Either you will make it or die trying to. Anyway focus the minions and hope you don’t get destroyed by the boss. Once he is alone it should get easier.


After the CS QT to the barracks.

Get back in your team Elma, Irina and Gwyn. Hopefully you should get your BLADE level up so go visit Eleanora for her quest (lvl up mechanical), then go see Kirsty (dialogue option: whatever, second, first). You should just need to put one last Mining probe so speak to her again twice and you should be done. (dialogue: second (downplay),whatever,second (press))


Extra Exploration (we need 15% Primordia):

Set data probes up to Noctilum. On the way head to Fallshorm Island landmark (protected by lvl 39 grex but you should reach it before dying anyway. You can also avoid getting attacked if you go on the very left of the bridge).

Once it’s done go to 117 and get North  Janpath Plain and FN Site 118.

It should look like that:



Now stay there, lead with Gwyn and farm blattas during daytime until Irina hit class lvl 13. Set him up with Tornado Blade and incendiary edge once he gets them (on grenade thing and defensive stance). Make sure to switch Cross to Commando, then Winged Viper and finally Full Metal Jaguar in the process. If night comes, go to the barrrack to switch time


After that get Lyn instead of Gwyn, lead with Irina and go to West Entrance, and farm millesaurs with Brainjack/Servant sacrifice. To do so, here is the set up you need:

    • Soul Voices: make sure that Cross has as much purple soul as possible.

    • Arts

  • Irina: Set up to have Brainjack (x4), Servant Sacrifice (x4), Absorber Skin, Smooth Recovery, and other stuff.

  • Cross: Set yourself up to have Shadowrunner (x3), Backslash (x3), Sliding Slinger, Violent Streak, Stream Edge (x3), Primer, blood sacrifice, side slash

  • Elma: Ghost Factory, Side Slash, Hundred Shells, Blood Sacrifice, Shadowrunner, Stream Edge, Executioner, Primer

    • Skills (if you can. If you can’t, do it after the farm)

  • Elma : Hellhound, Phantom Counter, Background Noise, Crisis Catalyst

  • Cross: Background Noise, Combo Gunner, Mortal Enemy, Mighty Muscle


Once it’s done attack some enemies to hit 1k TP, then stop fighting and wait for a purple soul voice to brainjack Millesaur and use servant sacrifice to kill it. If you can’t though flee to make sure you don’t get killed and lose your TP. Now do that until you get to level 40.


Once all that is done we can get to Chapter 4, so head to the barracks and switch for Cross.


Chapter 4

After the briefing head to the western probe (green Threshold) to meet Lao. Now Head to Noctilum.

Before the first data probe find Gigio and start his quest (with Lao: second)

Get the first data probe, then on the way to the second one get the mech treasure.

Get the Old dragontail tree landmark on the way, as well as the arch treasure up there. Get the treasure for Gigio quest then QT back

Get to the whale’s Nostril cave (get the 2 mech treasure), and finish the quest (Lao: first)

After the cave you should get to the next data probe (FN Site 221) so plant it as usual.

Once it’s planted, head to Ensanguined Font (the cave behind the data probe), then go back to the data probe.

Head now to Tripod Rock and keep going to the third data probe then the boss


Do A Renewed Will Quest: QT to Grieving Plains and kill the 4 Evellos, then QT to the Grieving Plains and kill the bird, maining Cross.

Then get the first FN Site in Oblivia.

Head back to the barracks and start Chapter 5,.


Chapter 5


Head to Oblivia. Get the FN Site 302 before talking to the Man-on.

Sneak around and kill the first turret.

Get the data probe 306 before getting to the next turret. Once you get the landmark of Mesa Fortress, use it: you’ll be teleported to an easier place to sneak around to the second turret.

Once it’s destroyed QT to Mesa Fortress again and head to the third turret. climb a bit the mountain to avoid any other encounters on the way and destroy the third turret just like the previous one.

QT back to FN Site 302 and go to the Man-on.

Then QT to Twin Arches and head to FN Site 309 then to the objective


Exploration: 20% Noctilum(second draft, better than before but still a little meh)


Then, get Gwyn and go in Barracks to do a Friend in Need quest. (choice ??)

Head to the Ruines on the Butte (trust me it’s better) then head to FN 312 before going for the objective (get Barbarich desert landmark on the way, and Crater Oasis unexplored territory)

Get Leaning Ring landmark then get FN Site 313 (set a research probe there), then head back to Leaning Ring and get the CS.

Lead as Cross and kill the forfex. Now before triggering the fight get the Rooney cavern landmark, then kill that vigent.


Head to the Division Drive to finish the quest; once it’s done, get Lao and go to the barracks to begin chapter 6!


Chapter 6


Head directly to the data probe of Dead Man Gulch you got earlier while exploring Noctilum, equip Lao with better gear and head to the fights (leading Elma, of course)!


Now go to the Restrictive Hangar to finish the mission.


Once that’s done head to BLADE barracks and talk to Vandham to start the skell license mission! (Deny (second,  skell (second)).


Skell License (what we all waited for!)

    • Pathfinder: If you did what I did on the map for Primordia’s exploration it’s already done.

    • Curator: You should do this one while doing the other mission, farming if needed

  • Rock Armadillo are in Noctilum’s cave (you should have them when first visiting Whale’s Nostril, or when doing the Interceptor mission)

  • Multi-Speckled Ladybugs are in Primordia’s, around FN 112-114 (Near Sayran Lake) and caves.

  • Beagflea Squash are in lake Basel in Oblivia; set data probes on the way (you need 25% Oblivia for the next chapter)

  • Prospector: You should have like 4 research probes right now; since we got a lot of sightseeing spot, you should get enough money from them already (just set them the most efficiently 😛 )

  • Mediator: The Pip-Squeak quest (choices unknown): QT to Outfitter Hangar and talk to the guy (??). Get a Noka Mirrestone in Noctilum’s cave, QT to Manon-Ship, talk to the man-on, go back to the hangar, then QT to Manon-ship and talk to the Pip-Squeak. Answer Food, then get the piza, hamburger and  hot dog (for that, talk to joe twice (options are first both times)) then QT back to the Manon-Ship to finish the quest (not first option?)

  • Interceptor: Head to the old dragontail tree in Noctilum and head in direction of the FN Site 222; you should find your blatta there. (otherwise Whale’s Nostril if you need Rock Armadillo)

  • Reclaimer: Head to Tripod Rock, go down, on the beach to get the treasure

  • Outfitter: Go to the Armory Alley; Change Cross to Striker, and give Cross Trial longsword. Head to Fallshorn Isle, ad head to kill the 2 Giant Grex. Do it again to get the last one. (S&Q?)

  • Harrier: Head to FN Site 112 (get collectibles around here for Ladybugs if you need), head to Northpoint Cove (the beach were the tyrant is, it’s a landmark)

After that the curator quest shouldn’t be over so we are going to explore Oblivia to get to Beachside Trope. QT to Barbarich desert and head SE. Get FN Site 317 and go to Beachside tropes as much as you need for bigflea.


Once all that is done, lead with Cross to have the skell for him, head to the Hangar and talk to Walter to get your skell (Lao: deduce, then deny then yes and whatever)


QT to Armory Alley and buy

  • A Phoenix, 2 Cracker BM  and Shield 134

  • A Verus Skell (Amdusias could be better, but no money for that really)

  • If you can also buy potential equips for Elma.

take off whoever is fourth and start “Close comrade” mission (make sure it’s Daytime for the fight at the end, you really don’t wanna aggro those 54 Ceto).

QT then to Skybound Coil Tree. Get the southern info you need, then QT back and get the two other objectives. Get the data probe close to your location then get to the fourth plant. Kill the 5 Germivore ezpz, then everything ezpz too, with your skell (phoenix hould take care of the small insects, the big one you might wanna switch to ground.

Head to Barista Court and talk to Lao to finish the mission.


Exploration: 25% Oblivia (spy games is done here, just ignore it)

Extra unexplored area are Beachside Trove, great Washington Island (you need mech lvl 4 but you should totally have that already) (here I also killed a tyrant, so probably need a better map some day, using segment recon)


Then QT to Division Drive to get him in your team, then head to the Barracks to start chapter 7!


Chapter 7


QT to Sea Whisper Valley, and kill all your enemies ezpz with your skell.

QT to Ruine on the Sandbank and kick the boss on foot. Make sure your TP is built before starting the fight.

Now QT back to the BLADE Tower in A.D and talk to Vandham.


Corwin: second, second, first, second(?) accept quest, second

If you did everything as mentioned earlier you should have one heart affinity with Lao so QT to Barista Course and start AM The MatchMaker.

Head to North Founder Street, then QT to West Melville Street

QT to Manon-ship Starboard and talk to Jeshero

QT to West Melville Street and take the pizza
QT back to Man-on ship

QT to North Founder Street to finish quest


After that, take out Irina and start chapter 8


Chapter 8


After all the CS, leave the barracks. (buy something at the shop?)

Kill everyone that come by you, using the most efficient weapons. (likely skell?)

Then head to the middle of commercial district to fight and destroy Rhyz and Dagahn.


After the mssion, QT to Division drive to get Gwyn in your team, then start Spy Games.

=> argue

QT to BLADE Barracks

QT to Jair  Fortress in Oblivia, and rush thanks to your skell to the objective.

Kill the guys ezpz

QT back to see Chausson at the BLADE Tower Entrance

QT to Manon Ship Starboard and talk to Pfeffen

QT back again (Gasp)

QT to Northpoint Cove and head to Sylvalum, and set up the FN Site 403

QT back to BLADE Barracks and start chapter 9


Chapter 9


Get back to FN Site 403 in Sylvalum and head to the objective

Head to FN Site 405, then FN Site 402.

Keep going toward the objective and get FN Site 401 before going to the objective.

First wrothian fight focus the minion and build your overdrive there: if you lose it you are dead so be careful. Make sure you are ready to overdrive for the next fight when killing your last enemy.

Second wrothian fight: pretty much the same. Focus Ga Buidhe first, then attack Ga Jiargh until he triggers his invincibility barriers and rampage through all his minions.

QT to Mimeosome Maintenance Center and finish the chapter.


After that, head to BLADE concourse and take Flight module basic mission.

Get the upgraded Coil (Oc-serv, south of FN Site 211) and the Light-speed jet fin (aetrygons around Ruine on the Butte)

Take out all your other party member.

Head to the Outfitter Hangar and start A girl’s wing, then go back to trigger the CS (you should have the material already

QT to FN Site 112 and head to FN Site 110

QT to Outfitter hangar to finish the quest

QT to BLADE Barracks to get Lin and Elma and register your skell back

QT to Division drive to get Gwyn(?)

QT to BLADE Tower to start Manhunt

QT to FN SIte 218 to get to the objective spot.

=> second then ??

QT to FN SIte 210 and go inside the cave

kill the three ennemies with your skell(?)

=> not first

QT to Production Plant in Industrial district and go see Celica


Exploration (15% Sylvalum)



Chapter 10


QT to Delusians South Summit

Fight Zu Par on foot, twice (build overdrive beforehand). For the first phase wait for the minions to come before starting the fight. Build your counter against them before fighting the big guy himself. Second phase is the same strat but way more tricky, since you have a really tight margin to kill the second reinforcement if you don’t wanna die to the attacks of the Zu Phar. Once it’s alone it should be easy however.


QT to division drive and take Gwyn.

QT to Commercial district and start Nine lives AM

=> not press, but scold

QT to restrictive Hangar Entrance and get the info:

QT to FN Site 116 and kill the grex

Get the Catnip around FN Site 106 (fly through the land)

Come back, kill the thing

QT to AD Division drive to end the quest

=> first?

Once you get 1 heart affinity with Gwyn, head to the outfitter Hangar and drop Irina, and start Boot Camp AM

Beat Gwyn ezpz

Buy his weapon at the shop if you don’t already have it and go back to talk to him again

=> Equip soldier assault rifle and make him use it!

QT to FN Site 119 and kill the suids of task C

Head to FN Site 110 to kill suids of task A and  B


Buying stuff: phoenix lvl 30, valor gear, chromoly twins (TB=, destroyer dryad (DG)



If you ever have to do this without flight here is something (likely not optimised)


Once all that is done, get Irina and start new chapter!


Chapter 11


Head to the restrictive Hangar Entrance

QT to Orrh Sim Gate or FN Site 506.

Build your TP there and use shadowrunner before heading to the elevator. Once there, get 3k TP back, redo and keep going.

Head to the fight against the Prog Ares. He dies at mid life so keep TP at that moment.

Second fight is pretty much the same except he does a terrible first AoE attack so get in your skell/use ghost factory ASAP. You should have enough time to start overdrive after that. Otherwse just die and rebuild TP 😛

Once it’s done, QT to BLADE Tower and talk to Vandham.


After that, QT to BLADE Barracks to start the final chapter!


Chapter 12


QT to BLADE Tower

QT to Cauldros’ western Island. Build your TP there if needed, then head to the Lifehold Core.

Vita 1 is rather easy. Just use the same set up as usual, and around mid HP try to stick to a decent TP amount for Vita 2.

Vita 2 is probably the hardest part of all. Spam ghost factory as much as possible, use Hundred shells as much as possible too to make the counter go high fast and only focus Vita. Near the end pay attention to your TP again.

Once you regain control get back i your skell to use phoenix when every chimeras are packed. That’s it really.

Lao 1 shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure you have enough TP to start Lao 2

Now Lao 2 should be fine as long as you have enough TP to start overdrive.

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