xxfitness survey responses

What would you like to see in standalone posts? (ex. rules changes, content focus, posts that do not foster conversation, etc.)

I'd hope that more posts from users that clearly haven't done a quick search on the sub, or looked through the FAQs at all get removed and directed to Daily Discussion, if necessary. Also, very clear rules for stand-alone "look at my progress" posts, and again, removal if those rules aren't followed.

I wonder if there could be a daily questions thread in addition to the discussions one, to which people are directed with their questions. r/ffa has one that's just called "simple questions".

I really like posts that generate some discussion about fitness itself, but also about our attitudes toward fitness.

I feel there’s been a LOT of body image posts lately and I get that it’s an issue for a lot of people and it’s somewhat related to fitness but this is ultimately a fitness sub not a body image sub and I’m seeing a lot less actual fitness posts lately. Maybe have only one day a week where body image questions are allowed? Or a daily thread?

Not insulting someone or insinuating that they aren’t a true athlete because they don’t do a given activity (eg someone insulting a person who primarily runs and doesn’t lift)

Minimal moderator posts please

I'd like for the mods to put a tighter reign on male posters. There is zero reason for males to be posting in this subreddit.

Content focus

I want to see information about people's workouts, questions about exercises or people's specific circumstances (such as "I have scoliosis, does anyone have a similar experience?). I'd love to see more positive posts and thought provoking posts as well. In general, posts that encourage discussion. I'm really tired about posts on binging or things that could be considered disordered thought processes.

Content focus and conversations! I don’t like the complaint posts. I don’t love simple question posts but I think they should be allowed to lower the barriers to fitness that people face

Dexa, progress, in-depth questions. But not things that could be answered by a Google search, or people just complaining or just having a random discussion. It needs to be more clear what stand alone posts are for and what the DD is for.

No asking for routine suggestions for OP's mother/girlfriend/neighbor. Weight loss advice posts should have to follow a template (TDEE, are you weighing your food, are you taking measurements, etc). Fewer "booty" posts. Posts that ask for people to list things (like songs) don't foster discussion.

I think DEXA posts should continue to be it's own post, not something that has to be posted in the daily threads as long as they follow a general template. Question posts should also have a template that they have to follow (possibly including stats, goals, current routine, etc). I'm really tired of seeing "I'm X shape and want to be Y shape, what do?" or "I've been working out for 2 weeks and not seeing results, what am I doing wrong?", "should I recomp/cut/bulk" and similar type posts. It's even more annoying when there is absolutely no pertinent information from the poster and then everyone has to ask about stats, etc before they can even give advice or suggestions. Honestly, I think almost every standalone post should have some sort of template to follow. I don't know how a template would work for some posts that involve gym etiquette, the posts about dudes being creeps, etc but for the bulk of the standalone posts, some type of template or minimal guidelines should be put in place. Those that ask the same thing as another post from the same freaking day or even same week (especially glute questions, I only have dumbbells/no access to a gym, etc type posts) should be moved to the daily thread and/or removed and the person that posted be told to read the wiki. Bless all of you for having to read through all of these threads.

I think we overall need fewer "omg a man looked at me at the gym, what do?" threads. I'm being facetious, but the "overbearing dude at the gym" posts are kind of a weekly trend to the degree that I almost feel like we need a weekly creeper thread or something. Maybe we should encourage gals to post there first? Because it is getting to the point where I feel like a LOT of girls who are just getting into fitness are super paranoid that men are going to just pull up a bench and stare at them when they go, when really it's confirmation bias because we see so many posts like that. HOLY RANT, I am sorry.

Ideally no standalone posts because the recurring threads and the daily account for everything. I think it's better to remove people's ability to post sensationalist content quickly. So they actually read comments then read rules and absorb reddiquette instead of offloading the same tired questions and "victories."

Content focus, interesting discussions about fitness stuff, dexa posts etc are all good

specific questions (not open-ended), questions that haven't already been asked a million times, questions that aren't easily googleable, no standalone posts composed entirely of unsolicited advice from beginners, no "Does anyone else....?"

It would be nice if there was some sort of template that posts seeking advice had to follow, since they all seem to be answered by quick skim over the FAQ or a search of the sub. I think this applies to physique advice as well as etiquette and motivation advice.

I would like to see less of "how to grow glutes" or "how to get an IG/very specific but probably unattainable body". I would like to see more general discussion, including on topics like different modalities (kettlebells, body weight, yoga) or discussion around a specific exercise/movement (like a discussion on squats, push ups, etc).

I would like to see fewer "fluff" posts such as PSAs, DAE, looking for suggestions for _______, I did a thing!, all rants (redirect to Whiny Wednesday), all questions that are so specific as to only be helpful for one person (how active am I, what's the perfect program for my requirements, etc.), anything about food / diet / TDEE / supplements /macros (redirect to Munchie Mondays), anything about clothing / gear / shopping, anything that could go in r/relationships. In my ideal world, I would also limit or eliminate conversations about body image and motivation, and maybe redirect dieters to r/loseit.

Honestly, I'm not sure what's left for the standalone posts other than progress reports, program reviews, meet reports, DEXA scans (would be nice if these had a template or something with minimum content requirements), and the occasional thoughtful post.

Some more specialized content would be awesome, either around exercises or programs - the in depth stuff is always really well received.

I would love to see something similar to "Monday Munchies" on Friday or Saturday to help me get over the hump of weekend overeating. I feel like Monday is often a recap of people's feelings on their weekend eating habits, and having a dedicated thread to talk about planning, staying on track, etc. prior to the weekend would be great.

I think standalone posts should be mostly questions that people have (after they’ve read the FAQs of course). The daily discussion should be short posts that you just want to share (observations, accomplishments, quotes, etc), but not questions, because those take away from the flow, and sometimes get missed amongst the other posts. I don’t like when questions are posted as a stand-alone and the mod moves it to the daily discussion because it’s “better suited” for that. Then I wonder what exactly a stand-alone topic should be if not a question.

What do you like about the FAQ?

The FAQ has been helpful to me, but I haven't gone into in-depth tbh.

They exist and are useful

That they cover programs, related subreddits and that transtranswomen are allowed here.

I like that we have our own list of related subreddits now. The organization os nice as well.


It has a ton of good info!

Clear and concise.

I do like how it's broken down into the separate sections and is pretty easy to skim through to find what you're looking for. It's easier to navigate than some of the larger subs like the fitness sub.

I like most things! I like how straightforward it is, and how it emphasizes healthy weight loss/lifting for health rather than aesthetics. It's super easy to navigate and there is a ton of great info in there.

That it attempts to address everything one needs about exercise and diet without being to focused on one modality.

provides answers to a lot of constantly repeated questions

I think it contains all the necessary information for the typical xxfitness user.

It's comprehensive

There is a lot of information!

It's all there, you just gotta look

I love that it has quick access to all the immediate questions that women getting into fitness would access!

I'm overall pretty happy with the FAQ

Seems pretty thorough. I like the macro section.

What would you like to see change in the FAQ?

I think further broken down categories might be helpful. Also, something about disordered eating, because I think a lot of people who pot on here have serious issues with that.

Could you add a part about how to deal with unwanted attention at the gym? I feel like there’s a post every day about this and it’s getting really repetitive.

I think they're fine as is... Great source of info.


Honestly? It's really long and I've never read the entire thing. I also think that the rules need to be the first thing on the page because I did not immediately identify where they were located.

More science based information and universal lifting information that’s not just focused on getting a huge ass. I think we need to promote the idea that it’s okay for women to lift for other goals than having a giant ass.

Easier access to it (most people on mobile can't find it), and maybe more concise info? I know there's a lot to go over but the FAQ is huge.

The recomp section focuses too much on "toning" terminology and not enough on recomp. I think the cutting and bulking sections should be rewritten to be more comprehensive.

The FAQ is actually sort of hard to find!!

The Wiki link on the main page doesn't seem to work for some people (me included). I have to go to the right-hand side to find the FAQ link and get to it that way. I think that maybe there should be another bullet regarding XX specific topics, especially since there's been a big influx in those types of posts lately (working out/problems with working out while menstruating, birth control, pregnancy, etc). I know some of this is mentioned in different links throughout but having it in a specific spot may also help. I kinda wish that the bigger subreddits were also mentioned in the related subreddit section or at the bottom of the page for each type of exercise mentioned in the FAQ (I hope this makes sense) . Having a general gym etiquette guide in an easy to access spot would be nice also.

The sub as a whole leans pretty lift-centric, and I think it's reflected in the FAQ -- as a cardio bunny (I'm taking that term BACK!), it'd be nice to see a bit more information that isn't tailored to lifting.

Emphasize rules on allowed posts.

more consistent and easier to navigate

-I think it could be organized a little bit better, it's a little difficult to find things right now and the things in the sidebar FAQ aren't consistent with the things in the wiki's FAQ.

-I don't see anything in the FAQ about this, but I think it would be useful to add a section about how introducing exercise can induce hormonal changes that may cause spotting or irregular periods in some women on some forms of birth control, especially those using an IUD or Nexplanon. This issue comes up sometimes in r/loseit and r/xxfitness and it seems like nobody has any clue that this is normal. (I certainly didn't realize it was normal right away)

-I wish the progress pic section was organized by height. (but maybe it's not even necessary to have this section, since there is already a progresspic sub)

It's overwhelming. I feel like we get a lot of posts that are addressed in the FAQ, but the OP didn't have time, got overwhelmed, couldn't find what they were looking for, etc. I feel like the "How to get started" section could be more streamlined.

Specifically, I feel like there isn't a ton of information for people on how to go from "not exercising at all" to "I want to lift weights." I think it would be a good idea to include a basic body weight program for people who are looking for an easy answer to "how do I get started right now."

The link to access the FAQ doesn't work for me on the new layout. Maybe add a detailed table of contents. Better navigation - links to go up a level or to the next section in the same level. Maybe include some intermediate level programs instead of just beginner ones. Add more info as frequent topics come up that aren't already addressed.

Better descriptions might help people at first glance

I'd like to add some advice about protein powders so we can refer people to the FAQ rather than seeing questions each week. Same for pull-ups, there are a lot of routines out there and I think there are a lot of good answers being repeated for the most part.

I think the recomping section needs some revising. The bulking and cutting sections are very detailed, but the recomp section is not. It implies that it’s used by people with eating disorders and does not give much detail as to how to recomp.

What do you like about sub rules/enforcement of sub rules?

Moderators are too heavy handed. Just because something is exciting passions doesn't mean it needs to be closed. Please don't be the pc police. The thread about sexy Instagram pics is a perfect example. The discussions there should have continued.

They are fine. It'd like the banning of spammers enforced a bit more harshly.

I like that sexual comments are deleted because no one needs that. In general, I think it's a good sign that I can't overtly see the oversight but also don't see horrible comments all the tim.e

Good. I notice a lot of problematic posts being removed as I click on them

No self promotion and no medical advice are both great rules.

I like the daily thread and how anything flies there. Posters should use it more often instead of creating a new post every time they have a shower thought.

I like and agree with all of the sub rules. I appreciate that all of you are pretty quick to tell a troll to stfu and kick them out. I appreciate that a post that is clearly against the rules is shut down pretty quickly and that a thread is locked pretty quickly when all hell breaks loose in it.

I like everything about the sub rules and enforcement thereof! I think you guys do a great job!

I like the rules exist. I hate how little or how too late rules are enforced. I hate how upvotes prevent posts from getting taken down when they should be.

Getting rid of the boring how to start/I went to the gym for the first time posts

removal of posts better suited to weekly threads has gotten much better since the new mods were added

I'd say y'all are generally doing a great job.

I like that a lot of questions are redirected to the FAQ. I also like that ED posts are not allowed.

Mods are always there but not heavy handed. It's a good balance.

I like that basic questions are quite quickly referred to the FAQ! Almost all of the standalone posts are unique and interesting to me.

I like being able to use profanity without getting censored. I don’t like when stand-alone questions are moved to the daily discussion.

What would you like to see change about sub rules/enforcement of sub rules?

Less cardio hate

I think there should be a tighter reign on males posting. I know that they will lurk, and there's nothing you can do about that. However, they should not be posting opinions about female oriented things in this subreddit at all!

I think there's a lot that slips through and the rules could be better solidified. Are self-deprecating comments about your own body allowed, even if it extrapolates to other bodies? (For instance "I think hip dips are disgusting" when talking about your own body). Do we need a thread about binging every single week? The comments about eating and hating ourselves are really bad sometimes.

I think maybe delete less posts that are questions that can be answered in the faq; I’ve noticed a problem with reddit lately where people have trouble accessing faqs. I also think there are a lot of “catty” remarks toward women who are thin/do cardio/focus on aesthetics/wear skimpy clothes that could stand to be discouraged and removed. I think there should be a rule about not tearing down other women because they focus on different things. It’s a really normalized misogynistic issue that I think we can fight better than we do currently

More clarity on stand alone posts and what they should entail and what should just be part of the DD.

My only gripes are with the standalone posts.

I don't think there needs to be any massive changes to sub rules- just maybe expand upon them a little bit. I.E- there should be more information regarding what "minimum content" is for posts. I'd love it if some more info was added to the "be respectful" section- like a reminder that this sub is for all women regardless of race, religion, orientation, gender, etc. There's been some hate on trans women in here in the past. It's been a while since I've seen that, and I know that isn't the norm in here, but having it in the rules would be nice. Templates for DEXA posts, progress posts, etc should be added in here. I would like to see stricter enforcement with removing posts involving very frequent/general questions, or questions that can be answered by reading the FAQ.

Nothing! C'est parfait!

Enforce the rules whether the post gets 0 karma or 700.

More of the above!

no open-ended discussion questions ("Tell me about a time you....")

I've already noticed a change with the addition of new mods, but it would be great if questions easily answered by the FAQ or a quick search of the sub could be deleted more swiftly.

I wonder if it would be possible to moderate the form check posts a little more closely? Generally, the feedback is good, but occasionally, there is feedback that is at best, not relevant to the OP, or at worst, dangerous.

More explicit rules (especially about what should go in the daily discussion vs by itself), more removal of fluff posts. The mods are the best! 😀

This is the reason I completed this survey. Please, please do something to curb the pro-anorexic pro-disordered eating posts. There are some contributors who regularly normalize this content on this sub, and a train of supportive comments about extreme calorie restriction always follows.

It's made me take a step back from a community I used to really enjoy.

I'd like to see more around.... I guess men being generally shitty to be honest. See: the post about Bret Contreras' list of "women things" that is pretty sexist and bullshitty. I'm not sure if I reported some of the men being contrarian for no apparent good reason falls under "rude/un supportive" and overall would like a firmer guidance by the mods on when it is and isn't appropriate for men to come around and talk about their interpretation of things when this is a women focused sub. Frankly, I'd go to bodybuilding or fitness for that.

See above. By the way, thank you for taking time to be a moderator and asking for feedback!

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