Zealous: The Fanatic

The Fanatic

For some, faith makes for sturdier steel than any steel. One can only look at these blood-driven lunatics, and feel a tinge of envy at their loyalty. And a drop of pity at their bondage. 


Tall, hulking, and donned in the sturdiest of scale and the most potent of weapons: one might be inclined to believe that these maniacal zealots are well-trained soldiers, not Nameless who scrounged their gear off the corpses of fallen soldiers. With religious madness pounding in their skull, they gleefully charge into combat, preferring to deal direct, devastating damage than to slowly whittle their foes away. However, their armor removes a degree of mobility from them, and they tend to fare poorly against enemies with better equipment than themselves, as in the end, they’re simply fanatics, not trained warriors. 


  • The Flammenschwert, a deadly, flame-like blade capable of drawing

great waves of blood from enemies. With long-range, a versatile

moveset, and decent speed, it is an excellent all-around weapon, although its effectiveness against armor is almost nonexistent (that is, until the pommel is used).

  •  The Heater shield and Flail, an appropriately dangerous pair for an

appropriately dangerous fanatic. While it lacks the range and versatility of the Flammenschwert, its defensive capability and raw damage vastly outweigh it. 

  •  The Barbed Arbalest, a powerful crossbow capable of firing’

devastating bolts, perfect for shredding through the flesh of the unwilling. While it has immense range and surprising damage, it lacks any means of close-range offense, and reloading can take a moment. 

Weapon Skills


  • Pommel Bash (Cannot be removed)

    • Smash in the enemies face with the hardened pommel of your blade. Stuns enemies, and follow up attacks deal critical damage. Deals extra damage against armored opponents.

  • Thrust

    • Lunge forward with blade extended. Can be charged, and, if released at the right time, performs a critical hit. The follow-up attack is a draw-cut that deals bleed.

  • Half-Sword

    • Grabs the length of the blade, wheeling it about and smashing in enemies heads with the guard. The follow up is an overhead smash with the guard. Deals critical hits on heavily armored opponents. 

Heater Shield and Flail

  •  Uppercut

    • Swings the flail upward, knocking up enemies. The follow-up attack is a tackle with the shield, knocking hit enemies further away and stunning them. 

  • Shield Slug

    • Tackles forward with the shield, dealing damage and preventing damage during the attack. The follow up side-swipe deals critical damage. 

  • Guard (Cannot be removed)

    • Slows down to a halt while holding the shield high, allowing for incoming damage to be reduced. If timed correctly, it can be used to parry, which temporarily stuns enemies and prevents any damage from being taken. 

Barbed Arbalest

  • Bayonet Jab (Cannot be removed)

    • Jabs forward with the bayonet, pushing back enemies. If done while no arrow is loaded, it performs a critical hit and pushes enemies further away. 

  • Explosive Coating

    • Applies a coating to the next bolt, causing the next shot to explode on contact. Decreases the range slightly, however.

  • Power Draw

    • Fortifies the arbalest’s draw-string, causing the next bolt to deal massive damage, pierce, and slow enemies hit by it. 

Fanatic Talents

  • Fanatical Fury

    • Gives into their insanity, if only briefly. Increases movement speed and attack speed for a short while, and has an increased chance of lifesteal. 

  • Blood Fervor

    • Thrusts a ceremonial dagger deep within their flesh, dealing damage but causing the next attack to deal guaranteed critical damage. If the attack is a critical, then it deals even more damage. Enemies killed by a critical refresh the next attack, making that attack critical as well. 

  • Higher Power

    • Prays to the Entity Above, healing for a small amount of heal and gradually healing over time. The next attack from an enemy reduces damage, but stops the healing

  • Zealot’s Cleanser

    • Cleanses the impurities from their skin, increasing resistance to damage and preventing debuffs for a short while

  • Fiendish Accord

    • Sets themselves ablaze, dealing damage to both themselves and nearby enemies. Also increases lifesteal for as long as the flame is alight

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