Zombicide: Black Plague House Rules

House Rules v1.01

 * = currently implemented 


*When a building is opened, roll a D6 for each room alongside drawing spawn cards. That's how much "debris" is in the room worth searching. Every item drawn from the deck reduces the D6 on that room by 1 (so Torch or James would deplete it by 2 per action, possible alternate rule is that James or the Torch make searching more efficient and as such draw 2 items per 1 point on the D6, still uncertain which way to go on this as the latter seems to basically obsolete the item constraint limit). When the D6 is depleted, stop drawing and that room is now "ransacked". 

*In any building zone that's been ransacked, you can attempt to scavenge and find items that were overlooked. One action lets you roll a D6 to scavenge; on a 6, you draw one item, regardless of benefits. Torch gives +2 to this roll, as does James' ability, so James with the torch would find an item on a 2+. You can reorganize your inventory when attempting to scavenge, regardless of success. 

*"Hold your nose" only requires the actor to kill one zombie and be in the same zone as where it died. You can search for free regardless of zombies still present in the zone, and are still limited to one search per turn.

*When drawing cards from the deck and your backpack is full, you discard items /after/ you draw, either from the item(s) just acquired, or from your backpack. This may be how the game is played anyway but I'm tired of trying to look it up.  



* Items cannot be used by more than one actor in a given round. No passing the torch for perpetual abuse! That being said, it can still be traded off, but not benefited from, in the same turn where it was previously used. 


*Vampiric Crossbow deals 2 damage, down from 3.

*Food items remove one wound in addition to granting XP. This requires an action, however food can be discarded for XP without using an action.  

*Items that have a powerful effect when successes are rolled are now limited to once per turn. This applies to Ice Blast, Earthquake, and Chaos Longbow 

*Shields now allow for rerolls only on hits, and not the entire roll. It doesn't make much sense how you can end up taking more damage after using your shield! 

*Earthquake Hammer: Lucky does not interact with this like I've been treating it. When you use the Lucky reroll, you start over the entire roll from scratch. Lucky can only be applied to any given action once, and after some discussion, "all or nothing" seems like the most appropriate ruling on it to keep it balanced. 


*Abominations no longer die to a 3-damage hit or Dragonfire (sans Abominibunny). Instead they have scaling health, starting at 4 in blue to 7 in red (+1 per danger level). This can easily be kept track of with a D6 by their model – each point of damage taken adding to the dice. 32. 

*Damage dealt to abominations is rewarded directly as XP. Overkill does not give extra XP. 

*Abominations are tough – they take 1 less damage from an attack (because no weapon deals more than 3 damage in a blow, they can at most take 2 damage per hit). 

*Dragonfire deals 3 damage to all actors in the zone (2 to abominations). You would think this makes it useless, but the ability to clear out a horde with two actions is pretty nuts. 

*Trollbomination recovers all health at the end of the turn if not slain.  

*Trollbomination & Abominibunny are weak to dragonfire and are instantly slain by it. Treat this as the appropriate amount of XP for that danger level given to the person who triggered the fire (remaining health). 


Ranged items are oddly strong in this game – heavily discouraging melee usage when the safer (both in range and accuracy) alternative is present. In addition, while melee weapons have the dagger to give +1 die, ranged weapons have Plenty of Bolts/Plenty of Arrows to improve the odds of their already-high success. The following changes are as such:  

*Bows: All bows are -1 to hit. 3+ to hit is now 4+, 4+ to hit is now 5+. I'm still uncertain if this should apply to the melee component or not where applicable (Spiked Bow in Green Horde is 4+ to hit in melee. Orcish Crossbow is not a bow, a vault item, and one of the few melee options in the game that hit on a 3+ so I see no need to adjust it). 

*Chaos Longbow: No changes from what has been mentioned before, but simply listing this to reiterate: It is now a 5+ to hit, and the Dragonfire (when triggered) will deal 3 damage to all actors in the zone. This ability can only proc once per turn. Before, with +1 to applicable dice rolls (effectively 3+ to hit), there is a 19.75% chance per roll to trigger the Dragonfire, and with the Abomination rules, it will take it from max health to 1 in a single proc (assuming it is alone, otherwise crows/walkers eat the initial arrows before the dragonfire procs). When coupled with rerolls provided by Plenty of Arrows, this is nucking futs! The odds are now 6.25% with a character designed to use it (read: Silas), and the odds go up dramatically with +1 die to ranged / become guaranteed with Iron Rain. This weapon is still outright terrifying and is basically a D20 with "on 20, nuke the zone" while also shooting out 4 2-damage attacks per turn at obscene range. Robbie and I saw him trigger it 3 (maybe 4) times with vanilla rules in two turns with Silas and he didn't even have Iron Rain (well he did after he gained over 30 XP). 

*Crossbows: All crossbows now require reloading (1 action), EXCEPT the repeating crossbow – that's just flavorful and otherwise this weapon sucks dangus, yo. Currently only hand crossbows and the orcish crossbow require it, which makes zero sense when the heavy crossbow and regular crossbow would be more difficult to reload + fire than a tiny one (no comment on the orcish). 



*Barbarian / Iron Rain / Mana Rain: Only usable once per turn to "replace" an attack roll. These skills are still incredibly powerful and capable of annihilating a horde in a single attack.

*Swordmaster: You may consider yourself dual wielding any melee weapon with the dual wield symbol (i.e. if you have a single dagger, you can instead claim you have 2 for 4 dice total). This is in addition to the "you may dual wield two-handed weapons" benefit that happens once every planetary alignment. The point of this tweak is to make the skill actually useful, because holy dogfarts is it terrible and useless.


*Super Strength: +1 damage melee. Clean, simple, and I'm tired of trying to justify how Super Strength isn't just strictly better than +1 damage melee. Now it isn't, because it's the same. 

*Hold your Nose: When the search is earned, it can be performed regardless of zombies in the zone. After testing, this is almost a required change because otherwise you only get about 3-4 items in an entire game from the baseline "Hold your Nose" (and that's being a bit generous, a few games only 1-2 items were acquired). 


*Set aside all "Nothing in Sight!" cards when drawn at blue level, and shuffle them back in at yellow. This is largely optional and dependent on how easy you view the game.

*Treat named Necromancers as "Nothing in Sight!", unless you find them already doable (nobody likes To-Me-Ku-Pa or Evil Troy spawning at blue, but Grin isn't so bad). Discuss this beforehand so you aren't suddenly accused of being a filthy stinky cheater!


*Retroactive Horde: All cards prior to Green Horde now add to the Horde! Base game Necromancers add one of each baseline zombie type. This keeps the horde threatening when mixing Black Plague with Green Horde.  

*"Dark Ritual" rule removed. Necromancers just give each other a grim nod in passing one another. Keep the model facing the appropriate direction on the board and you won't forget where they're headed. 

*Game loss on Necromancer leaving the board removed. You're already being punished enough with the permanent zombie spawn, there's zero good reason to just go "oops game over" when you're bogged down from zombies, a hair from victory, but OH NO JOHNNY EDGELORD OPENED UP A FRESH GRAVE OF ZOMBIES, GG EZ :^)

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