Zombie game (shareable)


This is by no means a comprehensive game, in depth location descriptions have been left out for the most part. Some maps are currently unavailable (I lost them). Feel free to change any or all details to suit your game or group. 

This mission was made for levels 1 through 5 with parties up to 8 players. 

Cliff Notes

  1. Players start on a Steamship

  2. Down the river into the city

  3. 20 total characters (add guards to the pcs)

  4. Several artificer mechanics for the ship

  5. Have to open the gate to the city (Zombie ambush)

  6. Have it rain so they can’t go up the river (not enough power)

  7. Send party to see what happened and to recover some high value research from a scientific lab/wizard lab (town map? Have tower off the river? Fill with zombies, or ambush on way back?)

  8. Saboteur who wants the reward for himself, kills npcs by ”accident” and is douche in general (this is optional, and could be one of the players if you’d like)

  9. I have misplaced the town map. It will be up in a couple of weeks if I can find it or redrawn if I can’t (I found it, it’s at the bottom)

Zombie rules 

Loud noises attract 1d4 x 5 zombies

When a player is hit by zombie attack, have the player make a dc 10 str or dex save (to deflect blow to armor) then a dc 10 con saving throw if they fail the dex/str save (to resist disease) 

Failed con save means they lose 1 max hp per hour until they reach 0, at which point they turn into a zombie (also applies if player is knocked out or killed at any point)

Negation options 

  1. Remove tainted limbs before long rest 

  2. Greater restoration 

When pc’s turn they come back as a zombie with 22 hp (relative freshness)

When attacking in large groups, roll one attack for 3-4 zombies. Then roll damage for each member of the group. 

*Since this game is based around numbers of zombies instead of quality, I recommend making the zombies deal 1d4 damage per hit instead of 1d6+1. The real deadly damage should be the disease. 


*I also recommend doing one hit kills on zombies to make life easier on you as a dm (less hp to worry about) keep the undead fortitude ability this will make sure the players are kept under pressure during battle instead of mowing through zombies with aoe spells or multi attack abilities. 

Ship map (if needed)

Guard stat block

For simplicity, make guards die instantly if fail con save (no dex/str save for these boys, only ac) this should chop them down fairly quickly. damage is less important. 

Bandit stat block (see sewer encounter 10)

Mission Notes and Outline 

Start off in the hold of the S.S. Saint Ann, a new steamship with a metal lined hull and several on board ballista. Your group mulls around in the dimly lit hull of the ship, several hooded lanterns providing the meager light. You’re being sent as reinforcements (and potential avengers) to the garrison of insert name (Dalm?). The city guard sent out a message several days ago, saying they were under attack and needed help. Scouts sent out to survey the situation have disappeared. You are a group of mercenaries and troops sent to see what’s going on and recover some extremely valuable research if the city has been overrun. 

The ship is currently heading down the river that runs through the city. The heavy rain has greatly decreased visibility, but the engineers say you should be there in the next half hour. 

your group waits in the damp belly of the ship, until one of the engineers stumbles in from the storm. “We’re here.”

As your group exits onto the deck of the ship you see the faint outline of the city walls. The engineer waves you into the wheel room. 

“We’ve been trying to signal the gate guards to open, but they haven’t been responding. We need you to go and open it up.”

Dc 19 perception check to notice moving silhouettes and glinting armor in the thunder.

12 zambos along the top of the wall and 1d4x5 zombies per round, half coming from the walls and half coming from the doors from the city

Start the ambush when players get to the wench, the zombies on the wall will attack then


To open the gate, 3 successful dc 15 str checks from one player, or 2 successful checks at dc 12 for 2 players.

Choke points are important, there are a couple of doors on the bottom floor and the paths along the wall. Use guards to hold off the zombies along these while the players do their thing. 

Red means up

Blue means down

The image on top is the lower floor 

the image on bottom is the top of the wall

As the players make their narrow escape, the horde swarms into the river after them, but fortunately for you they can’t swim very well and the ship continues its course into the city. 

The remaining crew huddle together in the wheelhouse, clearly smaller than before. 

The chief engineer is somewhat shaken, but determined to carry on the mission. 

“We’ll be letting you off in the center of the city, we’ll moor the boat there and wait for you. Remember the lab is the building with the lightning rod, it should be a few blocks east. Get the books and papers we need and any survivors you can find. If you aren’t back in five hours we’re leaving without you.” 

There are three main paths through the city, the sewers, the flooded streets, and the rooftops. Make this clear to your players and the pros/ cons of each path.  Players could also go through the unflooded streets, but that is highly unadvised. There is a five hour time limit to get to the lab and back. This is not irl time. 

Paths through 

Have 3 events happen before running into npcs (you can add the npc encounters to the random table if you’d like) and 5 events after

Npc encounters are highlighted orange 

Have 4 events on way back 

5 hour timer, the boat will leave if the players don’t get back in time 

  • means added to the time it takes (45 minutes to get there +15 min delay= 1 hour travel time)

      –    Means subtracted to the time it takes    

           (45 minutes -15 minute bonus= 30 min       

           travel time)

Rooftops (environment dangers, athletics checks and dex check, second most danger and second quickest) takes 30 min to get to lab and 30 min back

Dc 8 perception or survival check to make sure you’re going the right way, + 10 min if success + 15 if failed

Random encounters chart (roof)


Most metal holding character is struck by lightning +10 min(15 dam)


Hole in roof collapses, all pcs make dc 18 dex saving throw or fall down, taking 1d4 dam. Fall into npc home, little girl screams and attracts zombies. Have npcs on roof let down ropes to pull the party out (+1hour)


Icy roofs if fall +15 min (dc 15 athletics check from all party members or fall onto the ground, d12 dam and attracts hord)


Loose tiles +10 min (dc 16  athletics check from back 3 party members or fall onto the ground, d12 dam and attracts hord)


Zombies on balcony of nearby building +15 min to go around (8 zom)


Knock off rubble, alerts zombies below, if party tries to sneak away every party member make dc12 stealth check averaged (and +30 m of in). Otherwise add 12 zombies to next zombie encounter/when they come down and +15 min.


a merchant trapped inside a collapsed building, 8 zombies are pushing up into the building and trying to get to her. Merchant is snooty and will demand being sent to the boat. (-2 guards)


A bolt of lightning strikes a building ahead of you, and the roof erupts in fire. As you get closer you realize it’s the remains of a brewery. Alcohol has exploded out of the barrels and created a large swath of fire across the rooftops (+30 min to go around, or go to the streets and get on the closest non burning building {roll on the non flooded streets table})

Npc encounter for rooftops

  • “Family” of 7 (1 adult woman and 6 children) huddled in attic, group rounded up and kept safe in attic.

  • Lead by mother, Rachel- protective, trusting, wants to keep family safe by going to the boat ASAP 

Flooded streets (decrease movement speed, timer main enemy, third quickest mid danger)

Takes 45 min to get to lab and 45 min to get back 

The PCs CAN NOT TAKE the SS Ann through this area, the water is too shallow

Dc 14 perception or survival check to make sure you’re going the right way, +10 min on success or + 20 0n fail

Random encounters chart (flooded streets)


Npc guard is injured by stepping on sharp object in the muck, two guards go back with injured one, they will try to hold up engineers -30min


collapsed building what look like attempted barricades seem to have blocked the worst of the muck in a relatively large area, this will save some time ( -15 min)


Several collapsed houses stick out of the muck It looks like a quicker way to get through and a nice opportunity to rest/dry off (zombie ambush on island 10 zombies and +15 min)


Rubble and muck in the way make movement difficult, average dc 15 athletics check or +20 min


in the distance you see a light and as you approach it you can see it’s a mud and gore coated hooded figure. He doesn’t seem to notice the party. (Infected man named Karl, he’ll show the party some shortcuts through the muck but will want to head back to the boat ASAP. -15 min and -1 guard on way back, treat Karl as a scout. If his arm is not amputated and their are 5 or less guards on the boat -1 boat passenger/guard/engineer per 15 min Karl is on the boat, this is negated if party discovers his bite [dc 16 perception check,or dc 10 insight if they ask him about it])


Sharp rubble makes travel more difficult, +30 min i party is careful or +15 min and dc 17 dex save (or take 1d4+1 dam, could also capsize 1d4-1 boats)


Floating corpses wash down toward you, they appear to be dead. (dc 25 check to see that 3 of the 26 corpses are actually zombies, going around will +15 min, going through pick 3 random members to attack at random times)


Characters become stuck in the mud (if careful +30 min, if not +15min and -2 ac to stuck characters and npcs [6 guards with 1d4 +1 players)  “ah my armored boots”) 


a merchant trapped inside a collapsed building, 8 zombies are pushing up into the building and trying to get to her. Merchant is snooty and will demand being sent to the boat. (-2 guards)


You notice a light in the distance, it seems to be a fire. As you get closer you realize it’s the remains of a flooded brewery. Alcohol has leaked out of the barrels and created a large swath of fire in the flooded area (+30 min to go around, or swim under with a dc 16 athletics check)


dc 15 perception check, a large hole in the pavement covered with washed up rubble, if unnoticed lead 4 characters make dc 20 dex saving throw or fall down into the sewer, (roll on sewer table) to get them out (+30 min)


floodwater seems to have settled more in this area, rising up from about 3 feet to about 5 feet. A couple of the shorter guards aren’t going to be able to go through in their heavy armor. You can go around (+30 min) abandon the guards (-2 guards) or have them ditch their armor/ have someone else carry it (ditch armor +15 min, someone else carry it +30min)


you see something rustling in the muck about 30 feet from you, along with something floating in the water. (Halfling looter Who floated up the river to loot valuables. He has a small boat which could carry 3 people and would definitely let the party use it for a price)


collapsed rubble has made the water flow in rapids, making it impossible to traverse on foot. You’ll have to go around (+15 min), if in boats dc 15 survival check to get through, if fail no more boat and heavy injuries.


15 zombies try to swim through the muck, they move slowly but are getting closer (+15 min to go around or combat) 


one of the guards heavy armor weighs him down into the muck, he misplaced a step and is now sunken down over his head (+15 min or -3 guards, 2 staying to help him) 


out of the rubble and flooded streets you see something standing out of the water. A stone building glows with light and the water seems to stop a few feet away from the building. Inside is a group of priests and a large number of the injured and sick, several with missing limbs. (4 priests, want to take all the sick they can out of the city, the rest will have to stay. One priest will go out with as many injured as possible) if taking people back -1 guard to take them back and +15 min if the party helps civilians get ready to leave. (If this then no guards)


Surviving guards, stationed on trash that built up around a fountain 18 nps, Lead by Capitan Plats- courageous, wants to stay and purge the city, will try to convince party to onslaught the hoard, doesn’t want to leave,  another faction lead by one of the guards (Dale) wants to leave and the rest are split about 50-50 

Several guards are injured but not infected, meaning that at least 10 guards will have to carry back injured. (+15 min to help prepare, and -1 guard to take them back) (if this then no temple)


Rubble and muck in the way make movement difficult, average dc 15 athletics check or +20 min


Several small boats have floated up from the river, enough room for 15 people ( 3 boats) -30 min

Npc encounter for flooded area

See 17 and 18

Sewer pipe leading into the river (time crunch, getting lost, Rat swarms, slowest least danger)

Takes 1 and 1/2 hour to get there and 30 min to get back

  • The clogged sewers Caused the  flooded area, which is why repair team is down there

  • Slower on way there, faster on way back.

Dc 16 perception or survival check to make sure you’re going the right way, add +20 min if success, add + 30 if failed

Random encounters chart (sewer)


rat pack (d12 ratswarms)


zombie hoard (10 zombies)


flooded tunnel (+20 min or dc 15 athletics check)


collapsed tunnel, path to flooded surface with water flowing down (+15 min or go up switch to flooded area)


getting lost (+30 min or dc 20 survival check)


dead end (+20 min)


broken tunnel (shortcut,-15 min)


collapsed tunnel ( potential shortcut [-30 min] if the party goes up, 2 d12 +4 zombies in tunnel and then 3 times that up above)


a massive wave of water rushes down the tunnel slamming into the group (dex safe dc 16, if failed take 10 dam and +20 min) several guards are washed away (-1d4 guards)


you see a light down the tunnel and hear some scuffling, as you approach you see a group of four people. They look at you with wary eyes, weapons up. They will be hostile to the players until the boat is mentioned, this group is a heist crew who were planning a robbery. This part of the sewer was their hideout. They will want to get to the boat very quickly. They could be persuaded to help the party navigate the sewers but the players have to negotiate with them. They want at least 100gp or the party could make a convincing argument ( -40 minutes and add 4 bandits to the group)

Npc Encounter for sewers 

  • Sewer repair team, one was infected and killed others aren’t sure if infected 

  • Repair team lead by sewer worker John Roberts. 6 guys trapped, want to leave and get to safety, also wants party to search for their families (who are all dead, and with dc 10 insight check the party can tell he knows that), will have a couple of guys help party get to lab.

  • See #10

Non flooded streets 

Rubble, collapsed houses (most zombies, large hoard, time not important)

  • No npcs 

Random encounters chart (non flooded streets)


Hoard 26 zoms


Hoard 50 zoms


Hoard 100 zoms


Hoard 125 zoms


Finding a defended position, no zoms 


Civilian trapped under collapsed home, a loud noise and screams followed by the zombies running toward fresh meat, an easy distraction 

The lab

The lightning rod on the building is constantly attracting lightning and the blasts seem to be keeping the zombies at bay. Lots of lab equipment, make the party roll dex saves or npcs knock over some of it to attract zombies. After which is a mad dash for the boat.

Small open area in front of the lab, with several buildings and alleys blocking your path. The lab itself is in a small square 

(Thunderbolt icon)

  • Sewer grate in alley right outside the back of the lab 

  • The flooding ends about 200 feet from the front of the lab 

  • The closest building is about 30 feet away 

Sorry only copy of map has tokens on it

On the way back 

Run, maybe sacrifice some npcs to save party members 



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